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Local Business

This page is provided to give residents information on genuine local businesses within the Salterforth catchment and immediate wider area.

By listing businesses on this page it is by no means an endorsement by Salterforth Parish Council.  It is provided for residents information and it is up to each resident to assess the suitability of the business for their requirements.  If you have any problems with any of the businesses listed please take it up directly with the business and not with Salterforth Parish Council.

To get listed on this page please email

Company Address and Telephone Email Website Service Offered

Bumbly Bees

11 Moor View, Salterforth, BB18 5TN

Tel:  01282 815033

Bumbly Bees Facebook Page

Local jams and honey

Morgan Sunley Arboriculture and Rural Skills

Salterforth based

Tel:  07933452039

Morgan Sunley Arboriculture and Rural Skills Facebook Page

Professional tree surgeons and dry stone wallers