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How To Object

Making comments on applications.

Below we have copied the text from the Medway Planning Portal. It is important that objections and comments are written within the guidelines. Objections that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered by the planning department and will be “wasted”. Each member of your household should write individually.

Under the "How To Object" menu are a couple of links to guidance on how to write objections.


“Commenting on a planning application

What can I comment on?

We encourage the involvement of local people in the planning process as set out in our Statement of Community Involvement, but anyone can make comments even if we have not notified you.

We always consider your comments very carefully. 

You should make sure your comments are sent to us before the consultation deadline, as we may make the decision soon after this. Any comments we receive after the consultation deadline, before a decision is made will be considered.  Only comments based on planning matters can be taken into consideration.

Planning matters include

  • The design of a development. (The design should be high quality and in keeping with the original property and street scene)
  • The effect on historic buildings, conservation areas and protected trees
  • The potential effect on homes nearby, including loss of light, loss of outlook, closeness, loss of privacy and noise disturbance
  • Any effect on vehicle, pedestrian or cycle safety.

Planning matters do not include

  • Covenants affecting properties
  • Right to Light Act
  • Devaluing your property
  • Spoiling your view
  • Work that crosses the boundary onto your property
  • Nuisance caused by building work
  • Disturbance from construction work.

For more information please view ‘Guide to commenting on planning applications’
You can find the consultation deadline by using our online application search Public Access. Use the application number or address to search. The consultation deadline is shown on the Important Dates tab ‘Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date’.  We usually give people 21 days to respond.

Neighbour notifications

Our adopted practice is to notify all neighbours with a common boundary with the application site.  This applies to all applications that require consultation, both householder and non-householder development.

Householder Development

Where the proposal relates to front or side extensions then we would notify those properties opposite the application site. Where the application is for a single storey rear extension or conservatory and clearly has no impact on those properties opposite to the front then there is no reason to notify them. Similarly with proposals for porches or front extensions there is no reason to notify occupiers of properties to the rear.

All other development.

  • Notification letters as described above
  • A Site Notice displayed at the relevant site
  • Press Notice if relevant.

All planning applications and documents are displayed on our website.

How to comment

Online is the best method, as it makes sure we have your comments quickly.

Open the application in Public Access and comment using the ‘comments tab’.

You can also give your views by writing to the case officer (whose name and address will be on the letter) or send an email to planning.representations@medway.gov.uk

What happens to your comments

By law, your comments must be available for anyone to inspect. This includes publishing any comments received on our website via Public Access so your correspondence cannot be kept confidential.  Your comments are reviewed and personal information such as signature, email address and telephone number will be taken out.

What will happen after my comments have been made?

Due to the large number of responses the council receives, it is not possible to respond personally to each letter.

All information you send to us in relation to a planning application is public information. Your comments will be available for public inspection on the internet.

Your representation will be considered by the planning officer dealing with the application as part of the decision making process. All comments received are summarised in the officer's report. If you have commented on the application we will let you know the decision.