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SAVE Cliffe Woods and Cliffe

Land West of Town Road - Gladman Appeal

By The Vice Chair SAVE Cliffe Woods and Cliffe

Sunday, 11 June 2017


SAVE Cliffe Woods and Cliffe Contributor


Many residents will over the last few days have been personally notified that Gladman have appealed the planning refusal issued by Medway Council a copy of the letter is can be viewed here. The Medway Planning portal has been updated to reflect this, documentation can be found here: - Portal

The appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate which is based in Bristol. The full appeal reference is App/A2280/W17/3175461, however,  when searching for the case on the Inspectorates web page you only need to use the last 7 digits. The Inspectorates site can be found here :- link

If you made a representation to Medway Council regarding the original application then your representation will have been passed to the Planning Inspectorate by Medway Council - this is a legal requirement as is the notification of the appeal to all those who had previously commented. There is a wealth of information on the Planning Inspectorate website about making comments on the appeal and their guide can be found here:-

appeals procedural guide 

The Inspectorate are quite clear that previous representations/comments will be passed to them by the Council and if you wish to make a representation to the Inspectorate then it should be new information or additional comments. However, in our view the more people that comment direct to the Inspectorate then the stronger the message from the Village will be. Comments can be made online via the Planning Inspectorate site or by writing to the address given on the letter currently being sent out (a copy of which can be found here - link to copy to be uploaded on our site )

We are hoping to meet shortly with Medway Council to discuss how best we can defend the Village from Gladman but in the meantime should you wish to make a comment to the Inspectorate please bear in mind the deadline is 13 July 2017.  Currently we understand that the Inspectorate is likely to decide this case by means of an Inquiry which is likely to last for 3 days or more. Once we have further clarification we will let you know. "

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