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Hyperfast fibre broadband has come to Selside.

Since May 2018 B4RN has been enabling us to install fibre-to-the-premises broadband to Selside and the whole Mint and Sprint area. A government voucher scheme brings in more money for every new connection made, either business or residential.

B4MS - B4RN for the Mint and Sprint - is bringing hyperfast fibre broadband to Selside, with a fibre connection to every property that chooses to connect.

B4MS latest news. All the news and emails from Dan Robinson. The B4MS homepage is www.B4MS.org.uk.

B4MS on Facebook: Find the latest information, and join the group if you are a Facebook user.

Register your interest at www.B4MS.org.uk. This puts your property on the connection map, and will help in designing the network, which involves laying fibre optic cable to every connected property.

View an up-to-the-minute map of the network built so far

Commercial superfast broadband has until now only been available in Selside to a small number of properties, mainly those close to the BT cabinet in Watchgate, or with a line of sight to the microwave mast on Scout Scar. B4RN offers a far faster alternative even to those properties, and an alternative internet-based phone system if you choose to switch.

What is B4RN?

B4RN is a professionally designed fibre optic broadband network, registered as a non-profit community benefit society, and run by a dedicated local team with the support of landowners and volunteers. B4RN offers 1,000Mbps FTTH broadband to every property in their coverage areas, costing households only £30 per month.

Who has B4RN?

B4RN has brought hyperfast broadband to large areas of north Lancashire, and into Cumbria. For a map see here. B4RN is also now active in East Anglia.

How do we get it?

There's plenty of work involved. B4RN assists communities who have sufficient support and financial commitment. Practical jobs include:

  • informing the community and encouraging investment
  • walking routes and agreeing wayleaves with landowners
  • coordinating site work between volunteers and landowners
  • fieldwork of laying duct and installing chambers
  • advising property owners and helping to install their house fittings
  • baking for volunteers – the army marches on tea and cake!

For more information visit the B4RN website and its FAQ page


JANUARY 2019 Update from Dan Robinson:

Fibre has now been blown and spliced all the way from the Selside main cabinet almost to the A6. This is Route 1, which will serve most of Selside and carries route 2, all of Longsleddale. Route 3 serves the rest of Selside west of the Mint.

Click here (https://b4mintsprint.wordpress.com/route-info/) for the complete Mint and Sprint route information. Also over 10km of fibre has also been blown up Longsleddale over the past couple of days. Garnett Bridge and everyone on the west side of the valley will come live over the next 2 weeks. 

TS Trenching is currently coming out of the valley along the east side and has passed the church and village hall and will be looking to dig to those who are ready next. 

Properties should get themselves ready to connect along all routes that are green on the route info page

New financial assistance is available to all businesses and residential premises through the government's Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. (https://b4mintsprint.wordpress.com/gbvs/) There is a GBVS sign up at the bottom of that page. When the core route is on the way to you it's time to get signed up. 

For more information take your time and look at the B4MS website, Dan has been updating this with information you need to know. Alternatively contact Dan Robinson, the Voluntary Project Manager, email danrobinson@b4ms.org.uk or dan@real-adventure.co.uk

For the latest news on the project click here 
Westmorland Gazette article 24th November

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