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Coronavirus noticeboard

Updated 27th July 2021 

This page has been acting as a noticeboard for the Selside community during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the present time, legislation for England has been removed since 19th July.

If you have any items for inclusion here please use our contacts page or email  Please make clear what personal information and contact details may be shown as this site is fully open to public viewing.

For information on what you can do under current Government regulations, click here.

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NHS Advice and Guidance

UK Government Advice for individuals, households and businesses

Cumbria County Council latest information

Morecambe Bay NHS Hospital Trust


We do continue to encourage every household to be clear who they can turn to as and when needed, especially existing family and neighbours, while the situation persists.

We are aware of various people who have been kindly offering practical extra assistance to households in our community. The current government legislation may mean that some forms of help are not advisable or possible.

From Denise and Mark Held: As the effects of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) impact our daily lives, we felt it important to try and ensure those living in Selside / Whinfell who are deemed high risk and who have to self-isolate have access to help if needed. This is not an official offer in any way, just the two of us trying to make sure there is help if needed and you can contact us via or call direct on 07979 535673

Other people in the community have offered practical help. Either call Mark and Denise, or email and we will try to pass on the request to an appropriate person while also keeping you informed. This website is not an official agency.

Further offers of help will be noted, and there's no need for your name and contact details to appear on this page.

Disclaimer: All we can do from this site is to put people in touch with someone who has offered help. We will endeavour to do so as prudently as we can if you request it


Email to indicate if you would like to be part of the conversation regarding how Selside can reinforce its strong existing networks of families, friends and neighbours. We are encouraging sensible and practical ways of being a support to each other as the coronavirus outbreak continues.


Church Services: Selside Church is open again from Palm Sunday, 28th March, for Sunday services. See the Selside Church page. Online worship using YouTube, Zoom and other resources are now listed on a further page, Online Worship.

Data and Confidentiality

Emails sent to will be handled in confidence, and where requested we will put you in contact with an appropriate person. This may involve forwarding your contact details and specific personal information, so please make your preferences clear. 

Note from Norman Winter:
I edit the Selside Community Email and the Selside Community and Memorial Hall website personally. Personal data sent by email will come to me personally and is held on password-protected devices.