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Selside WI

Selside WI usually meets on the first Thursday of each month at Selside Memorial Hall at 7.30pm

Our friendly meetings comprise a short ‘business section’ when we hear about the WI in the local area, and a section when we have a guest speaker or activity. Our programme is varied and caters for all tastes. Some speakers give illustrated talks, others give practical demonstrations and sometimes we meet for other activities.  There is always something happening in the local area if you want to keep yourself busy. Belonging to the WI means you can meet people in both the immediate neighbourhood and from further afield if you wish. One of the most important parts of our meeting is at the end, when we have an opportunity to catch up with each other over a drink and delicious goodies!

New members are always welcome so come along and join us. You might even just like to come along as guest and give us a try! All meetings open to visitors (£3 charge).

We belong to the Cumbria-Westmorland Federation. You might find the links below helpful.

The WI [National Federation website]

The WI Cumbria-Westmorland 


Programme 2023

March 2nd: Karen Hanks [Federation Chairman

April 6th: Making a Percher style hat - Vanda Lambton [Madhatters]

May 4th: Resolutions Meeting

June 1st: Behind the Scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show - Val Reynolds

July 6th: The Canary Girls - Sandra Gold-Wood

August 3rd: A Visit to Roast Mutton Butchers

September 7th: Adventures of a Geologist from the North to the South Poles - Ernie Hailwood

October 5th: The Wonders of Wax - Sue Tyldesley

November 2nd: AGM - Surprise Parcels

December 7th: Bottle Lights - Anne Pattison