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#1 - 25th March 2020 (UK Shed Show)

Always follow Government and NHS instructions (Click on the links)

Contact us at:              Click here to see about the next Show 1st April 2020

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.       Mahatma Ghandhi

Listen to the show  "On Demand" at Mixcloud

NOTE - SORRY ABOUT THIS - You may have problems using the above link on Smart Phones - Use these links below in that case:

Shed Happens 1 - Part 1

Shed Happens 1 - Part 2                                                                       

See more information at

For future shows - listen 'Live' every Wednesday from 10am and repeated on Saturdays at 2pm  -  (96.6 FM local to Frome)

"Alexa, Play Frome FM from Tunein" (Pronounce Frome (Incorrectly) as "Frome", not "Froome")

In our virtual studio on the 25th March 2020 – At a Social Distance of up to 200 miles !

Kate Gordon is the UK Men’s Sheds Association National Shed Development Manager, has probably visited more Sheds across the UK than the rest of us.  She also runs a great Charity called Ruby’s Yard.

Dan Gmaj is the founder of the Westbury Shed, He does Music, Video, Podcasts, Shedding and lots more. His skills and hard work have been absolutely vital to this show going out. He’s also a musician

Chris Lee  is a Trustee of the UK Men’s Sheds Association. Chris set up the Repair Shed in Hemel Hempstead.  His day-job is mentoring long term unemployed people in East Herts three days a week.

Patrick Abrahams founded the Frome Shed, is a UKMSA Ambassador, and produces the Shed Happens Show.


We had pre-recorded features from

Nathan Sarea - from the Denbigh Shed. Nathan is also the chair of Trustees  from the UKMSA

Robert Visintainer is the  Project Manager for Men’s Sheds Cymru

Rhianydd Lewis - For the Welsh "Shed Happens" ident

Ros Whitehouse – The Frome Women’s Shed Leader

Dawn Prosser – The Swindon Ladies Shed

Marcel Lenormand and Mark Smith from the Guernsey Shed

Sammy J – Australian Comedian

Marianne Spring from the BBC


Music Tracks

Apple or Winders by Dan Gmaj

“Better Together” – By Jack Johnson

 “Connected” - Stereo MCs


Making Tracks from Martin Bacon - Featuring "Shipbuilding" by Elvis Costello

'Shed Happens' - Even if you're self isolating #1 - 25th March 2020
'Shed Happens' - Even if you're self isolating #1 - 25th March 2020
01.1 Intro 001 (0-55).mp3