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#11-2 12th March 2021

If you’re thinking about launching  a Men’s Shed, Just do it; It can be testing, talk to your mates, keep at it. It’s an important thing to do, as well as a fun thing to do. You’ll end up with some mates, a shed, and a good deal of banter and laughter. It will really, really worthwhile.

Mike Jenn – Lifetime President – UK Men’s Sheds Association (UKMSA)

This radio show on Source FM and Radio Looe is to help have more Men's, Women's & Community Sheds to be opened in Cornwall.

Men’s Sheds provide people with a space to work together on practical projects. At the moment, nearly all are locked down. Although some are undertaking jobs in the community and helping with vaccinations programme.   The people who go     -Shedders-     work on projects for themselves, other charities, and others in the community

There are over 600 of these Sheds across the UK. In Cornwall there are only 1 or 2 Men’s Sheds we know about  – And based on most other Counties similar to Cornwall we would expect to see 20 to 30

In our virtual  studio for this show we had Shedders Mike Jenn, Ed Brant & Graham Gowman. Also in the studio  was Rachel Meadows – The UK Men’s Sheds Association Volunteer & Community Development  Manager. The main subjects for discussion were:

  • What’s the best way to find premises
  • How do you finance the Shed
  • How do I spread the word

Our thanks to all our contributors, and to TalkSPORT, Matthi Clarke, and the cornish band "Saltwater Cure".

The show can be heard on Source FM 96.1 (locally to Falmouth & Penryn) and online at on the 12th & 19th March at 4pm

The show can also be heard on Radio Looe at on the 14th & 21st March at 2pm.

Follow-up Meeting 23rd March 2021 – 2pm

The follow-up Zoom meeting will provide more information about Men’s Sheds, how they work, what you need to do set them up, and (most importantly) to answer questions you may have about Men’s Sheds

To register for this Zoom meeting on the 23rd March, please email as soon as possible. If you want help using Zoom, or information as to how you can join the meeting if you don’t have Internet access, please call Patrick Abrahams  on 07494-120704.

You can also post questjions on the Cornwall Sheds Facebook page

Sheds detailed in the Show

Camden Town Shed

Bridport Community Shed

The Brunel Shed (Corsham)

Romsey Men’s Shed

Nursling Men’s Shed

The Frome Shed

Music Tracks

"The Shed Song" - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

 “Share the view” from Saltwater Cure

'Shed Happens' - Even if you're self isolating #11-2 12th March 2021
25-Feb-21 Mike Jenn on The Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein & Jason Cundy 11-45pm (5-51) V2.mp3
"Shed Happens!" trailer for the 12th,14th, 19th & 21st Shows on Source FM & Radio Looe