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#2 - 1st April 2020 (UK Shed Show)

Always follow Government and NHS instructions (Click on the links)

Contact us at:              Click here to see about the previous Show 25th March 2020

This weeks show was broadcast 'Live' on the 1st April  2020 at 10am to 12:00 on Frome FM and will be repeated on Saturday 4th April at 2pm to 4pm.

Listen 'Live' 1st April 2020 -  (96.6 FM local to Frome)

"Alexa, Play Frome FM from Tunein" (Pronounce Frome (Incorrectly) as "Frome", not "Froome")

Listen to the show  "On Demand" at Mixcloud

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Shed Happens 2 - Part 1

Shed Happens 2 - Part 2     

In this show we featured some great Sheds from Islands round the UK - This was on the basis that Island based Sheds are probably better at dealing with isolation than the rest of us, and what lessons can we learn from them ? We hear from Sheds from Guernsey, the Isle of Wight and Shetland.

We have some music features that have been sent to us  - A Shed "Rap" from Dunoon, and also music from Sheddit in Cambridge.


In our virtual studio on the 25th March 2020 – At a Social Distance of up to 950 miles !

Studio Guests - Kate Gordon, Dan Gmaj and John Latchford

With help from Frome FM: PJ, Rupert Kirkham and Julian Crawley

Pre-recorded features from

  • Marcel Lenormand from the Guernsey Shed
  • Graham Stiles from the Whale Firth Men’s Shed (on Yell, Shetland)
  • Graham Crosbie from the Whitby Sheds
  • Anthony Williams (Will) from Heatons Men In Sheds and the Stockton Music In Sheds.
  • Chris Graham from Sheddit
  • From the Isle of Wight - Lois Prior – AGE IW 
  • Steve Print from the Shanklin Shed (IOW)
  • Rob Webb from the Nettlestone & Seaview Shed (The Nashers) Read by Tony Smith-Crallan from the Silvers Shed
  • Trevor Gallon from the Jed Shed
  • Steve Barnard from the Dunoon Shed
  • David Garmston, Steve Knibbs & Jim Aynsley from the BBC TV South West
  • Sheryl Murray and Amanda Howard from Cotswold Friends.(Moreton Men in Sheds)
  • Paul Murton from BBC TV - Extract from Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands, BBC, October 2015

Music Tracks

"Unst Boat Song in Old Norn" - Da ShantY Yellmen 

"The Dunoon Shed rap" - Shedder - Steve Barnard

"House of the Rising Sun" - The Animals

"Men's Sheds Colours" - Shedder - Chris Graham (After Tom Paxton)

"Mountain Dulcimer - Whiskey Before Breakfast" - Stephen Seifert



'Shed Happens' - Even if you're self isolating #2  - 1st April 2020
Recording 31st March 2020 Recording 31st March 2020
On "Shed Happens 2" this week