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#6 - 29th April 2020 (UK Shed Show)

You can listen live to this show on Wednesday 29th April at 10am and Saturday 2nd May at 2pm - on Frome FM 96.6 (local to Frome) or online at

“Radio is truly the theater of the mind. The listener constructs the sets, colors them from his own palette, and sculpts and costumes the characters who perform in them.”  — Mercedes McCambridge

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This week’s show is about the Men's, Women’s & Community Sheds undertaking very unusual projects.  We have the South Lanarkshire Sheds and the Basingstoke Shed building mobile Men’s Sheds, one in an ex Mobile Library, and the other in a double decker bus.  We also hear from the Clevedon Shed working with Legs4Africa, and from the Community Shed in Wells. 

Always follow Government and NHS instructions (Click on the links)

Useful Links

Government Coronavirus Website

NHS Coronavirus website

Take Five - Advice on how to protect yourself from fraud

UK Men’s Sheds Association

Earth Day 2020

Men’s Sheds Cymru


Shed in a Bus

29th April 2020 - Sheds taking part 29th April 2020 - Sheds taking part
02 Shed Happens Intro 006.mp3