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Two special  “Shed Happens” - February & March 2021 - Sheds in Cornwall

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With the recent spread of COVID-19, many companies and organizations are increasingly turning to remote work and virtual collaboration to maintain operations without risking the health of their teams. The UK Men's Sheds Association (UKMSA) have decided to put on a two hour radio show for the next eight weeks (more if necessary) on the topic of Men's Sheds.  The purpose of this is to soften the blow of self isolating and keep people more in touch with the Sheds they belong to.

It’s about Men’s Sheds and the Shed Movement  but aimed at everyone.

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Background to the show

The UKMSA are working with the Frome Shed, and Frome FM to broadcast these shows online starting from the 25th March 2020.

The radio show will be made up of telephone, Zoom, Skype, Starleaf or Microsoft Teams interviews with Shedders about their Sheds, and what they get up to in them.

There will also be other guests taking part, which may include subject matter experts, there will some music, and also the opportunities for Sheds to send messages to their Shedders who are self-isolating.  We anticipate that there will be ideas from contributors on how Shedders can “stay connected”. This will include examples of Community involvement, like the Community cards offering help. We aim to have a level of light-heartedness and humour.

The conform with Government and NHS regulations on social distancing the show is pre-recorded, so contributors can maintain social isolation.. We have topics for discussion, or just conversations with the Shedders.

The emphasis will not be on Covid-19, but on “Sheds Staying connected”.

In most cases contributors will give their consent by simply agreeing to be recorded for the show or by contributing online.