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Programme schedule

The broadcast schedule was very Wednesday, 10am to 12:00 , and was repeated on the following Saturday at 2pm on 96.6 FM local to Frome, and also world-wide via

See the details of all the "Shed Happens" shows below - With links to the Show Page and to where you can "Listen again". The show pages details more information about each show, as well as photographs, useful links and music tracks.

Scroll to bottom of the page to see a summary of Feedback received, as well as listen to the 60 second trailers for each show.

To view the Show page, or listen again - Click on the links

Details of all Shows - Click on the link to view the Show Page Click on the link to listen to Part 1 (Or Part 1 & 2 together) Click on the link to listen to Part 2 Show #

25th March 2020 - "Shed Happens" #1

UK Men's Sheds Association and Men's Shed Cymru

Part 1

Part 2


1st April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #2

Men's Sheds on Islands - Guernsey, Shetland & Isle of Wight

Part 1

Part 2


8th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #3

Sheds World-wide, Canada, Honolulu, Australia and Iceland

Part 1

Part 2


15th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #4

Benefits to the Community, SIlvers Workshop, Royal Wootton Basset & Swanwick Sheds

Part 1 & Part 2


22nd April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #5

Dan Gmaj Special, Use of Zoom, 3d Printing of Face Masks & Sheddington

Part 1 & Part 2


29th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #6

Mobile Men's Sheds - Basingstoke, South Lanarksire

Part 1 & Part 2


6th May 2020 - "Shed Happens" #7

Buiilding your ow Men's Shed - Alton, Oswestry & Hayling Island

Part 1 & Part 2


13th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #8

Men's Sheds Association, Ireland, UK & Wales - "Easing of Lockdown ?"

Part 1

Part 2


20th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #9

Part 1 of #1 , and Part of #8

Part 1

Part 2


'Shed Happens' - Even if you're self isolating Programme schedule
Trailer Shed Happens #1.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #2.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #3.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #4.mp3
Trailer Shed happens #5.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #6.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #7.mp3
Trailer Shed Happens #8.mp3

You can also listen to all these shows anytime at:



We played out 25 pieces of music throughout the eight Shows – Eight by Shedders

All Shows
“The Shed Song” – Buddy Whasisname and the other Fellas

“Shed Happens #1"
“Apple or Winders” by Dan Gmaj (Shedder)
“Better Together” by Jack Johnson
 “Connected”    Stereo MCs

“Shed Happens #2"
"Unst Boat Song in Old Norn"    by Da ShantY Yellmen (Shedders)
"The Dunoon Shed rap" by Steve Barnard (Shedder)
"House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals
"Men's Sheds Colours" by Chris Graham (Shedder)
"Mountain Dulcimer - Whiskey Before Breakfast" - Stephen Seifert

“Shed Happens #3"
“The Coolum Shed Song” (Coolum Shed -Queensland)
“The Whitby Shed Song” - Phil Smith from Tunesmithy Bay Studios (Shedder)
“Dizzi Jig” by dizzidulcimer

“Shed Happens #4"
“The Whitby Shed Song” - Phil Smith from Tunesmithy Bay Studios (Shedder)
“The Dummy Song - Educating Archie” by Max Bygraves (1953)

“Shed Happens #5"
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams
“Coast to Coast” – Steve Foster
"Zoom" - Fat Larry's Band
"Night Life" -  B. B. King (part of a “Making Track”)
“1999” - Prince (part of a “Making Track”)
 “Extreme Ways” – Moby (part of a “Making Track”)
“The Dummy Song – Educating Archie” - Max Bygraves
"H.A.P.P.Y. Radio"  - Edwin Starr

“Shed Happens #6"
“You cannae let your Granny catch the bug” -  Graham Curtis (Shedder)

“Shed Happens #7"
“Jingle Sheds” from the UKMSA Trustees (Shedders)

“Shed Happens #8"
“A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On” - Little Richard

“Shed Happens #9"
“Try A Little Kindness” by Glen Campbell