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During the Coronavirus Lockdown, the UKMSA, with the Frome Shed and Frome FM have launched a weekly two hour radio show in the UK called "Shed Happens - even when you're self isolating". It’s about Men’s, Women's and community Sheds and the Shed Movement generally,   but aimed at everyone self-isolating.

These pages will give details of each show, with details of those who took part, photographs, a list of music played, useful links and attached documents for each of the shows. The show pages also give links so you can listen live on Wednesdays at 10am, or Saturdays at 2pm.  The pages also have links so you can listen to any of the shows "on demand"

Click on the links below to see the show page

23rd December 2020 "Shed Happenas" #10-7 Teddington Shed - "Sheddington"

16th December 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-6 Frome Make:shed and Tech Shed & SPARK Somerset

9th December 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-5 - Denmark & New Zealand Sheds

2nd December 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-4 - Oswestry Shed

25th November 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-3 - Honolulu and Canada 

18th November 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-2 - Whitby Area Sheds

11th November 2020 "Shed Happens" #10-1 - The Monash Men's Shed - Melbourne Australia


20th May 2020 "Shed Happens" #9 - Part 1 of Show 1, and part 2 of Show 8

13th May 2020 "Shed Happens" #8 - UK & Ireland Men's Sheds Association - Discussion re "Easing the lockdown"

6th May 2020 "Shed Happens" #7 - Building you own Men's Shed

29th April 2020 "Shed Happens" #6 - Mobile Sheds and other unusual shed activities

22nd April 2020 "Shed Happens" #5 Special featuring "Making Tracks"

15th April 2020 "Shed Happens" #4 "Sheds in the Community"

8th April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #3 - Men's Sheds world-wide - Australia, Honolulu, Canada, Iceland, Germany

1st April 2020 - "Shed Happens" #2 - Stories from Men's Sheds on Guernsey, Shetland and the Isle of Wight

25th March 2020 - "Shed Happens" #1 - Shed Associations in England & Wales