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Sileby Bowls Club

Mens Results 21/5/18


Monday April 16th. The weather has been so bad this year (Rain) the league has cancelled the first game against the Kingfishers (Loughborough Phoenix) because so many teams have phoned in to say there green is unfit to play on. This match has been moved to June 18th.

Thursday April 19th.  The Swifts, under the leadership of Joe Rankin played there first match last night, and it was a lovely evening, around 23 degrees. The green was very heavy and we could just manage three quarter Jacks. The match was against Soar Valley and consisted of four triples, Sileby played well against a strong team and we won all four rinks, the final score being Sileby 87 and Soar Valley 39. The match ended around 8.05pm and we all finished more or less together.

Saturday April 20th.Today's match is against Goodwood. The weather was still very sunny and it looked like being a nice afternoon, but we did have some rain for about ten minutes. We were playing triples 1 point on the first 2 ends then 18 ends, so 20 ends in all. At four o'clock we all went in for tea, corned beef salad and new potatoes. I skipped our rink with Darren and Helen, we won 22 points to 10, "well done team". The final score for the five triples was Sileby 93 and Goodwood 93, so honours even.

Wednesday April 25th. This was the first Leicester League match of the season at home, and we did not get off to a very good start. We should start at 6.15pm but there had been a bad accident on the A46 making our opposition from Enderby, late. As usual at this time of year there was a bitter wind with rain threatening all night. Everybody was glad to get in the warm, as well as that with starting late 6.30pm we were almost playing in the dark. Bron and Jean had done everybody pie and beans just what was needed to warm us all up. The final score was Sileby 71 and Enderby 78 so it was quite close. Our rink of Joe, Gordon, Ron Forster and myself won 22 to 17.

Thursday April 26th. Once again we are at home, this time against the Knights (Rothley). The weather was a little better but once again we had a cold wind. I played lead as usual with Gordon 2 and Joe Skip. The final score on our rink was Sileby 34 and Rothley 8. The match ended with Sileby winning all four rinks the final score being Sileby 86 and Rothley 41. This puts us firmly at the top of the division with 20 points, followed by Sutton Bonnington with 12. "Keep it up lads"  Thanks for the photos Mark.

Monday April 30th. Sileby went to Fosseway (Syston) to play the first trophy match. I captained the game as Richard Sellick as had a cataract done and is unable to take part at the moment. Thanks to John Ferrin who stood in for Gordon Green who has a bad shoulder injury.  There was a very cold wind blowing but it stayed fine for the game. I had to skip our rink as I only had Joe and Duncan to skip the other two rinks. We had tea and biscuits after nine ends and Sileby were well down but by the end of the match the final score was Sileby 48 and Fosseway 58, but of the three rinks Sileby won two. That worked out at 2 points for a rink win, Giving Sileby 4 points and 2 points to Fosseway for a rink win, and 2 points for winning the game, so 4 points each. This meant one rink playing an extra end and this was rink 2, Frank, Alan Jones and Duncan who won the end putting Sileby through to the next round. "Well done everybody".

Wednesday May 2nd. Last night was the second Leicester League game and Sileby was away to St Margaret's. It was a sunny evening but got very cold and damp after the sun went down. The game was very close with St Margaret's winning 79 points to Sileby's 75. The club put on a supper which was one ham cob and one cheese. Well done to Carl a new bowler, who only joined the club 11 days ago, apparently he had a good game with Peter Roe the Wednesday Captain.

Thursday May 3rd. The Swallows made the trip to Shepshed to play their team, South. The weather was not to bad and Sileby got off to a good start with everybody playing well. By the halfway stage Sileby had pulled ahead on all four rinks.The final score was Sileby 94 and Shepshed 40, so we had a very good win keeping us firmly at the top of the division. Thanks to Pete and Duncan for skipping when they really don't like it, "Well done lads" in fact I should include the whole team, it was "a great win".

Saturday May 5th. Our friendly this week was against Kirby Muxloe. It was a lovely day with blue skies and is what outdoor bowling is all about. Jean ( Captain) had 4 triples and a rink for this weeks game, and by half way Sileby were leading. Tea was disappointing, cakes, biscuits and a cup of tea. The second half went the same as the first, the final score being Sileby 93 and Kirby Muxloe 70. Perry had a good game with his brand new bowls "Nice one Jean" and once again "Well done Carl".

Monday May 7th. The match this afternoon was against a very strong Sutton Bonnington side. The weather was too hot for most of us and a cup after tea after 9 ends was very welcome as it was a lot cooler in the clubhouse. The final score was S/Bonnington 49 points and Sileby 43. Thanks to Jenny (My better half) for making the tea and washing up afterwards. 

Thursday May 10th. Last night Sileby were at home to Quorn (Millers) the weather was still being kind and the sun was out. Two of our triples lost it on the last end putting Quorn through to the first round of the Trophy. Sileby lost the match by 5 points, so it was a close game.

Saturday May 12th. Syston came to Sileby this week and I skipped a rink as well as helping Bron with the teas. I set the tables with Jenny on Friday afternoon then got down the club early Saturday to help prepare the teas before playing. Once again I played with Darren Gratton and John Allen and at tea time we went in winning 9 points to 8. Tea was a ham salad followed by a fantastic trifle. "Wonderful Bron". The second half went much the same as the first and we won on our rink 14 points to 8. Sileby won the match the final score being ?  I am informed now that Sileby didn't win the match, we lost by 2, or perhaps it was a draw, or we could have lost by 12. "Who knows"

Wednesday May 16th. Last night's match was against Belgrave and the wind was very cold, but it was dry. Sileby won four of the five rinks. The final score being 95 points to Sileby and 64 points to Belgrave. I won't mention the losing rink I don't think Captain Pete would like it so enough said !!! It was nice to get into a warm clubhouse where Bron had made everybody a ploughman's lunch and very good it was. "Well Done to all" especially the new bowlers who took part. 

Thursday May17th. The Swifts played at home last night, our opponents were Soar Valley Valoars. The game got off on time, 6.15pm but out opponents were 2 players short giving us 10 shots and a 2 point start, this wasn't needed as the other three rinks all won. The final score was Sileby 89, Soar Valley 27. "Well done" to Pete, who brought his team to victory after being well behind for most of the match and picking up a 5 on the last end. By the last few ends it got very cold and everybody was glad to get into the warm clubhouse.

Sunday May 20th. Two rinks from Sileby travelled to Leicester Bowls Club to play in the Unbadged match. Rink 1 consisted of Colin, Pete, Kevin M and Kevin T. The other rink was Alan D, Frank. Duncan and Joe. The match started at 10.00am in glorious sunshine and after half a dozen end both rinks were well down, our opponents were in double figure and we were to get off the mark. After 19 of the 21 ends Rink 1 were one behind on 15 shots, while Rink 2 were three points ahead on 17 shots. The final score was Rink 1 was 7 shots down the score being 22 Leics and 15 Sileby. Rink 2 finished 1 point in front the score being 18 Leics and Sileby 19, so we lost the game be 6 shots. A good effort lads, better luck next time.

Monday May 21st. Today was the 1st round of the trophy and the opposition was Shepshed Rams the game was at home. They certainly meant business as they brought all there top players and we had no chance against them. I know Joe lost by 3 and I lost by be 9, so we didn't do to badly considering.























































































Knights v Sileby 26/4/2018 Knights v Sileby 26/4/2018
Knights v Sileby 26/4/2018 Knights v Sileby 26/4/2018