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Sileby Bowls Club

Sub Committee

The Sileby Bowls Club, Sub Committee, will meet on the first Monday of the month (The first being on the 4th of December) The outcome of the meetings will appear here and on the club notice board. This is to ensure that all members know what is going on, in and around the club, summer and winter. The committee consists of----Richard Willcocks          Frank Hall          Joe Rankin          Gordon Green         

                                                                                       Graham Healy               John Allen           Alan Jones          Alan Dawson.

January 8th 2018. The club now has a defibrillator kindly donated by Jean Gratton which will be set up before the season starts. A general purpose notice board has been put up in the clubhouse, by the books for all to use. This will leave the 2 notice boards in the porch way clear just for bowling related items. The committee has asked for club shirts to be reordered from Kaylo (Terry Wightside) as he already has the pattern for our shirts. Enquiry's have found other suppliers to be quite a lot dearer. There is a burst water pipe under the chalet and the committee would like Colin to resolve the problem which has turned into a big job, we wait permission from the management for the go ahead. The committee would like to see a light erected in the car park as a Zumba class will be using the clubhouse on Wednesday evenings. This has been discussed and is awaiting permission from management to go ahead. Duncan is running the recruitment programme and a poster has been designed for placing in the surrounding villages, these will target sports facilities golf, football etc. The green spiker makes holes 3 inch's deep and Charlotte thinks this is not enough, 6 inch spikes need to be applied. New spikes for the machine will cost £312.00 but should improve the playing surface.

February 5th 2018 The February meeting has seen the spiker up and running, the club shirts are now on order and hopefully we will have them for the start of the season. The water leak is being taken care of, Mark Allsop is undertaking the work and it will be ready for the start of the season. New lights have been added to the clubhouse to make access easier for all. The bench seats are in the process of being stripped to bare wood and will be repainted with best quality Sadolin, hopefully for the start of the season. The bar has had a  facelift and looks a lot better, mainly thanks to Jean Gratton who has improved it no end. And finally the red carpet in the clubhouse is to be replaced with a new grey one.




Sileby Bowls Club Sub Committee