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Regrettably, Coronavirus restrictions have prevented Slinfold Computer Café from meeting for over a year.  But now, independently of that, I am unable to continue running the group for personal reasons.  I have not been able to find someone else to take it over, although it is possible that someone else might be able to do that in the future.

Slinfold Computer Café has therefore been disbanded indefinitely, but, with their consent, the contact details of those known to be interested in the Café have been passed on a person who may be able to start a similar group at sometime in the future.

In the meantime, this website is being retained for reference purposes only, because it does contain a potentially useful selection of miscellaneous information and data, as well as a selection of PowerPoint presentations that have been given at the Slinfold Computer Café over the past few years.  But also be aware that some of that data and presentations will be out of date.

March 2021


Key Microsoft support dates

Date Details

14th Jan 2020

  • Windows 7 - Extended Support terminates (see Notes below)

13th Oct 2020

  • Microsoft Office 2010 - Extended Support terminates (ditto)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 - Mainstream Support terminates (ditto)

10th Jan 2023

  • Windows 8.1 - Extended Support terminates (see Notes below)

11th Apr 2023

  • Microsoft Office 2013 - Extended Support terminates (see Notes below)


  • 'Patch Tuesday' : Microsoft normally releases Windows 'Quality Updates'  (as distinct from 'Feature Updates', which are approximately twice yearly) on the second Tuesday of each month (US time). Consequently, when you turn your computer on in the UK on the Wednesday morning, there will often be updates ready to be downloaded and installed. Depending on the number of updates (and on your update settings), this can take anything from a few minutes to several hours, and delay you from accessing your computer during that period.  So be prepared!
  • 'Microsoft Support' : for further information relating to Support termination dates, and the differences between 'Mainstream' & 'Extended' support - see this page.