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Smannell & Enham Alamein Parish

May 2009

PCC Meeting held at Enham Rectory on Tuesday, 19th May 2009 at 6.00 p.m. 
Present:  Rev. Thomas Wharton (Chairman) Pete Bowker (Church Warden) Sue Foord, Elizabeth HallMargaret Hughes, Noel Pope (Treasurer), Barbara Wheadon, Irene Wilson, Gail Young and Margaret Smith (Secretary)

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Rectory and opened the meeting with prayer.  
1.    MINUTES OF PREVIOUS PCC MEETING OF 17th MARCH 2009   The Minutes, 
       having been circulated, were approved and signed as correct by the Chairman.


  • Opening of St. George’s on Sundays.  Notices about the opening of the Church in April and June, including telephone numbers of Thomas, Pete and Margaret H. had been displayed in Enham Alamein.  No-one had visited the church on 5th April;  Margaret was happy to open the church in June.  It was agreed that it should be opened on special days during the year.  Gail and Thomas would make a laminated notice to put outside St. George’s giving contact telephone numbers.
  • Choral Group to sing at St. George’s   Elizabeth hoped to have information at a future meeting.
  • Parish Coffee Morning would be held later in the year.
  • APCM at The Oak on 22nd April 2009  A successful and well-attended meeting – the venue and layout would be discussed before making a decision for the 2010 APCM.
  • Fund Raising
  • Fun Day  13th June at 10 a.m. 5 cakes to be made by each PCC member.  Noel would help

     Margaret transport the books.  Irene would collect cakes if necessary; cakes to be brought at 
     9 a.m.

  • Quiz 26th June at 7.30 at Smannell School in aid of the School and the Children’s Club.  £5 per

     head for adults. 

  • Deanery Quiz  17th July  Weyhill Fairground Hall.  6.30 p.m.  £5 per person to include supper.
  • Commemorative Plaque was being organised by Nora Bullen


  • St. George’s – Redecoration and Repair A letter of thanks would be written to John Kinchenton for repairing the cement work in the church.  The damp on the walls was because the church was built over a spring – it could only be rectified at great expense.
  • Parish BBQ  There would be a Silent Auction (suggestions for items were given) and Tombola. Surinder Bains was organising a display by a Youth Karate Team.  Tickets would be available from Charles White, Noel, Will Brook and the Enham Post Office.
  • Celebration of Establishment of Team Ministry of Knights Enham  18th July at the Church Centre.  Wine & Soft Drinks would be served after the service.  Elizabeth  and Barbara would each prepare a plate of finger food.
  • Services  Ascension Day Service 21st May at 7.30 p.m. at Christ Church;  24th March – Family Service at 10 a.m. at Christ Church with Rev. Andrew officiating.

4.   FINANCE REPORT   Noel reported that all bills were paid up to date and all excess income (a 
      total so far of £2200) had been paid to the Diocese as Parish Share. Total income in 2008 was
     £19,631 against a Parish Share payable of £16,671, leaving a very small amount to run the two 
     churches.  (Running expenses for the two churches approximated £1000 per month).  Thanks      were expressed to those who were so supportive of the church with their money and time.  For      the future each Parish would have to pay for its clergy, the cost of which currently stood at just      under £50,000 per year, but was expected to rise.  A formula would be presented where the more      fortunate Parishes might assist those who were struggling.


  • Thank you letters from Naomi House Children’s Hospice and Christian Aid for donations sent to them after the Lenten Lunches.
  • Bishops of Basingstoke & Southampton  Invitation to the PCC to attend ‘Generosity in Discipleship’, an evening course looking at Christian Stewardship, on Monday 5th October at Christ Church, Chineham, Basingstoke 7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.  Rev. Thomas highly commended the course especially in light of our current situation.


  • Children’s Club  A planning team of Rev. Thomas, Elizabeth Hall, Vessi Wharton and Debbie Burgess would be meeting on 5th June.  CRB checks were being carried out.  It was hoped that the first meeting of the Club would be on 17th June from 6–7.30 p.m.  Head Teacher Julie was extremely supportive. 
  • New Foundation Governor was in place

7.     DEANERY SYNOD REPORT   Already circulated


    •  Pattern of Services:  Easter Services had been well attended  
    •  Communications  The website had been updated and a copy of the Minutes would be sent to

        Christine Kinchenton.  Notice Boards would be updated when the pattern of services had been 

    • Team Services  5th Sundays.  The first one would be on 30th August at 10.00 a.m. at Christ Church. (There would be Communion at 8.30 a.m. at St. Michael’s, Knights Enham).  It was hoped transport could be arranged for people from Enham who wished to come to Christ Church.
    • ‘Back to Church’ Sunday  27th September  at Christ Church.
    • Harvest Festival  4th October:  10.00 a.m. at St. George’s and 6.30 p.m. at Christ Church
    • Flowers in Churchyard  Several parishioners had complained that silk flowers left on family graves had disappeared.   It was stressed that these had not been removed by anyone connected with the church.  While artificial flowers had not been allowed in churchyards it was felt that there some discretion could be used.  Rev. Thomas would mention the matter in his magazine piece.

 Standing Committee: No Standing Committee - Secretary to circulate draft agenda for any 
        Full  PCC: 11th August at Enham Rectory at 6 p.m.  Apologies from Margaret S
8.20 P.M.


 Rev. Thomas Wharton opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed Council members to the meeting, especially The Hon. Gail Young who attended.  The Minutes having been approved and signed as correct, it was reported that St. George’s would be open from 1-3 p.m. on the first Sunday of every alternate month.  All arrangements were in hand for the Parish Coffee Morning (a great success with a large number of parishioners enjoying a lovely sunny day out at the Rectory) and for the APCM to be held at The Oak on 22nd April.  A most appreciative letter of thanks from the Mayor of Test Valley for his being included in the Licensing Service for Rev. Thomas was read.  The final ‘chapter’ of the reorganization of the Parishes would be a Service at the Church Centre on 18th July when the Bishop of Basingstoke would welcome the new Team Ministry.  The Lent Lunches had been a great success and the plaque to commemorate the making by Enham Industries of the furniture in Christ Church was being organized.

 Churchwarden Pete Bowker would check on the damp on the walls beside the pews in St. George’s and there was repair work required after the recent redecoration.  Quotations had been sought.  A team of helpers would assemble at Christ Church to cut and tidy the Conservation Area in the Churchyard.  All the hedges had been cut at a cost of £150.  The ‘Interment of Ashes’ area was in need of tidying.  It was stressed that Church of England rules did not allow artificial flowers in churchyards.

David and Romney Rolls had very kindly invited the Parish to a Hog Roast at their home, Post Grove House, Malthouse Lane, on 27th June at 1230 p.m.  Pete presented her detailed plan for the event.  The very successful Enham Fun Day was to be repeated on 13th June to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Enham  Trust.  It was agreed that the PCC would organize cake and book stalls. 

Copies of the accounts to 31st December 2008 were given to members. Forms had been prepared to apply to the Diocese for a reduction in the Parish Share.  The appointment of a Foundation Governor for the School was progressing – there would be a School Easter Service in Christ Church on 2nd April at 2 p.m.

There would be a walk along the cinder path (accompanied by a donkey or pony and canine friends) on Good Friday, leaving Christ Church at 10 a.m. and ending with a Service at St. George’s at about 1030/1045 with hot cross buns and a drink. 

 There would be a baptism at St. George’s on 3rd May during the main service, and a wedding at Christ Church on 22nd August.

 Margaret Smith
Secretary to the PCC