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Smannell & Enham Alamein Parish

October 2009

PCC Meeting held at Enham Rectory on Tuesday, 13th October 2009 at 6.00 p.m. 

Present: Rev. Thomas Wharton (Chairman), Pete Bowker (Church Warden), Sue Foord, Elizabeth HallNoel Pope (Treasurer), Margaret Smith (Secretary), Barbara Wheadon, Gail Young

Apologies: Margaret Hughes, Irene Wilson

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with prayer.  
       having been circulated, were approved and signed as correct by the Chairman.


  1. ‘Back to Church’ Sunday had been well attended – but thought should be given to avoiding  having ‘special services’ on successive Sundays in future
  2. Laminated Sign on door of St. George’s would be organised by Thomas and Gail.
  3. Toys & books for Children’s Corner in Christ Church.  Thomas would put an appeal in the Parish Oak.

3.    CHURCHWARDEN’S REPORT The piano remained unsold.  Thomas would arrange for his
       piano tuner to inspect it.  The flag had been found and John Kinchenton would be asked to oversee 
       its siting at St.George’s for Alamein Day on 25th October.  Wine had been left at Pete’s home for 
       the Harvest Supper and a Thank You  notice would be put in the Parish Oak to thank whoever was
       responsible for that, and the magnum of champagne given for the BBQ.  Arrangements would be
       made for church cleaning and garden tidying.  Pete would give 2 dinner parties for 10, rather than 
       1 for 20.  Barbara said that Bob had refurbished the vacuum cleaner at Christ Church.  

  1. Parish Share  £7,900 had been paid to the end of September and the Parish was on course to pay the required sum of £10,000 by the end of the year.  A sum of £12,000 was expected to be set for 2010 which would provide a considerable challenge.  It did appear that the Diocese was trying to cut costs.
  2. Hampshire Historic Churches Sponsored Ride/Stride had raised £462 which had been sent ; 50% would be returned to the Parish. 
  3. Bills were paid up to date.  Elizabeth was asked to check that the Mencap invoices for gardening services were correct. 
  4. Giving in Grace Meeting 8 members had gone and found it interesting. Thomas outlined a few helpful ideas which he hoped to use in the parish. These included: annual thank you letters to donors; communicating  how people’s generosity is enabling local ministry; celebrating success.
  5. Fund Raising Various ideas were discussed (paper from Elizabeth attached).  A Fund Raising Sub-Committee would be set up to look at the possibility of setting up a Parish Lottery (name to be decided). This is not intended to replace people’s monthly regular giving but is an optional addition to that giving and is hoped to attract new givers from the wider community. It was suggested that money raised from this project might be split between the church and a charity (yet to be decided). It was hoped the committee would consist of Rev.Thomas, Treasurer Noel and Gift Aid Secretary Rod.  Other names were also suggested.  The first meeting would take place on Tuesday, 1st December at 6 p.m. at the Rectory.  


  1. Appointment of Foundation Governor  In reviewing the nominations for Foundation Governor, Paul Sexton was proposed and unanimously agreed by the PCC.
  2. 7 Up Christmas  Rev. Thomas would be holding a Christmas Craft Workshop on 22nd December at the School from 1000-1230. The school Christingle Service would be held at the School at 2 p.m. on Friday, 27th November. The church Christingle Service will now be on 24th December, 5.00pm at Christ Church.



a)    Team Advent Carol Service  29th November at St. Michael’s, Knights Enham at 6 p.m.  There
would be Holy Communion at Christ Church at 0830 and Holy Communion at St. George’s at 1000 on that day.

  1.  Christmas Services

20th December                       Festival of 9 Lessons & Carols          Christ Church       6 p.m.      
24th December                       Christingle Service                               Christ Church       5 p.m. 
24th December                       Midnight Mass                                    Christ Church       11.30 p.m. 
25th December                       Christmas Service                                St. Georges            10.00 a.m.

  1. Donation to the Deanery to pay for visit of Ugandan delegation.  It was proposed by Elizabeth Hall, seconded by Pete Bowker and unanimously agreed, that £100 be donated for this purpose.
  2. Departure of Bishop Trevor Wilmott to be Bishop of Dover  Pete would arrange to send a Good Wishes card from the Parish.
  3. Planning Permission application for property in Montgomery Road, Enham Alamein. Tabled
  4. Alamein Thanksgiving Service 25th October.  Display 1000 am -1.45 pm; Test Valley Brass 2.00 p.m; Refreshments in the Landale Wilson Hall 3.15 pm; Service in St. George’s at 4.00 p.m.
  5. List of Incumbents in Christ Church  It was agreed that Rev. Thomas would seek Rev. Andrew’s agreement to the format required, and give the information to John Kinchenton. 
  6. Petition for Faculty for reservation of grave space in the names of Terence and Maureen Roll.  It was unanimously agreed that this petition be approved.
  7. Pew Notice Sheets  It had been decided, in order to save costs,  not to continue to print all the Parish information on the reverse of the sheets.
  8. 1845 Staffordshire statue of the Flagellation of Christ.  Gail and Nick were thanked for their kind gift of the statue for Christ Church.  They would bring it to the church on Sunday at 0830 so that PCC members could see it in situ.
  9. Standing Committee Meeting  12th January 2010 at 6 p.m. at Enham Rectory.
  1. DATE OF NEXT PCC MEETING  19th January 2010 at 6 p.m. at Jubilee House.  


 The meeting opened and closed with prayer.  It was agreed that the opening of St. George’s on Sunday afternoons would be confined to special occasions. A Classical Concert was being held at St. George’s at 7.30 p.m. on 26th September and it was hoped to arrange for a Choral Group to sing at St. George’s in the New Year.  The Churchwarden would be organizing a fund-raising meal for 20 people at her home in November at £20 per head. 

 There was considerable discussion about the payment of the Parish Share and it was stressed that the share was to pay for the ministry in the Parish and not the cost of our clergy.  It was hoped to find new donors and encourage regular donors to give more.  Many fund-raising ideas were put forward and 8 delegates from Smannell would attend a Diocesan ‘Giving in Grace’ meeting in October.

 Repairs at St. George’s had been completed and the bamboo problem at the back of the church would be tackled by Elizabeth Hall’s grand-daughter.  The BBQ had been a huge success, raising approximately £1500.  The hedge at Christ Church had been cut and the area tidied. The future of the choir would be discussed.  The piano in Christ Church would be sold and it was hoped to establish a Children’s Library at the church.

 The 7Up Club had started off very well and would recommence on 23rd September at 6 p.m.  Discussions were to be held about the appointment of a Foundation Governor for the School.  The Diocesan Inspection of both churches had gone well and all was in order.  It was hoped that the missing Alamein flag from St. George’s would be found. 

 Future events would include ‘Back to Church’ Sunday on 27th September, the Team Service at Christ Church on 30th August, the Cycle Ride/Walk for the Historic Churches Fund on 12th September, a Harvest Festival at each church on 4th October, Harvest Supper at Sarah & Patrick Covernton’s Barn on 15th October, and the Alamein Thanksgiving Service on 25th October. 

 Margaret Smith
Secretary  to the PCC of Smannell with Enham Alamein