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Smannell & Enham Alamein Parish

Parish Magazine

The Parish Magazine printed every month and welcomes contributions from parishioners.

If you would like to advertise and event, write a story, or article on anything of interest to the parish you can give  it to Pete Bowker or John Kinchenton or e-mail it directly to : Lady Julia Reilly

Local Area Representatives for the Magazine:

  • Helen Page -Smannell
  • David Hayward  - Enham
  • Guy Chant - Little London

We are always short of articles so don't hide your light under a bushel send it to us.

The Oak February 2010 Issue

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Parish Register


22nd January:  Mrs., Margaret Waite (Peggy) aged 90 of Millway Nursing Home, formerly of Newbury Road, Enham Alamein, at St. George’s.

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of men conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.

 T.V.B.C Councillors - Alamein Ward

  • Len Gates - 01264 356759
  • Phil North - 07732 423023
  • Janet Whiteley - 01264 811101

The deadline for March’s Parish Oak was Friday 19th February. Please Telephone 352393

Christ Church Flower Rota

Help! As we prepare the church flower rota for 2010 it is obvious that we are down in numbers. Previously we have had a rota where two ladies are responsible for doing flowers and brass cleaning for one particular month. During Lent and Advent we don’t have flowers but just need to polish the brass once or twice. At Christmas, Easter and Harvest we have a combined effort to make the church look lovely and cared for. If you think that you would like to help (ladies or gentlemen) please ring Barbara Wheadon or Jill Loveridge on 365367 or 354904 and we can give you more information. Any time you could spare would be very much appreciated.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who have given their time and kept our church looking as good as it does. Why not ‘give it a go’!


With the last few remaining bits of snow finally gone – for now at least – and the weather reverting back to type, 2010 is now well under way, bringing with it a new set of challenges and opportunities together with the changes that will inevitably occur in and around the Parish.

With more and more houses springing up along the Smannell Road, seemingly overnight, and the future of Enham as a small, rural village lying in the hands of the local Planning Department, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that the future for our local communities isn’t looking all that rosy.

Not all that rosy, that is, until one reads the headlines in the national press, or watches world events unfold as they happen on live television.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the capital Port-au-Prince now resembles a medieval city gripped by the plague, with tens if not hundreds of thousands of people dead, bodies being piled up in alleyways, and many survivors sleeping out in parks under a sea of tarpaulins.

In the poorer areas no attempt has been made to conceal the victims’ bodies and they lie, tightly wrapped like Christmas presents or hidden only by a folded piece of corrugated paper, in the streets where they died.

With armed gangs roaming the streets menacing supply convoys, and fights breaking out over such basic commodities as water and food, the country is beginning to resemble a living hell.

So, next time you get snowed in and cannot make it down to the supermarket for your weekly food shop, take a little time out and spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves, some of whom would quite literally kill for a bottle of water or a litre of petrol.

God certainly moves in mysterious ways.

David Hayward

Church in Smannell and Enham

It seems so long ago now, but I’d like to mention the 7Up Christmas Craft morning which took place at Smannell School. There were 40 children signed up to come, but on the day – well the snow came, the frost set in, but somehow 21 children managed to make it and we had an enjoyable morning and a great snowball fight at the end (for some)!

The Christingle service was also a highlight, with children wearing nativity costume, plenty of carols, candles and a packed church. The collection raised just over £100 and this has been donated to the Children’s Society.

Emmaus course

Having been asked by a few people about Confirmation, I’ve decided to put on what is called an Emmaus course. This is an excellent course that looks at the Christian faith alongside our life experience in an open and friendly way. It is ideal for enquirers, for people thinking about Confirmation and for anyone wanting a refresher. If you are interested please get in touch as I’m hoping to start a group this month.


The Parish Oak – from pen to post box

For some years now the end of every month has been marked by the arrival, through every letter box in the villages and hamlets of Smannell, Enham Alamein, Little London, Finkley and Upper Enham, some 450 in total, of the little green Parish Oak magazine. Such an event is no doubt taken for granted and little thought is given to the effort and expense of producing it each month.

The process starts with articles collected or written by a small team of correspondents, scattered throughout the Parish. These articles are submitted to the Editor,  Julia Reilly, who ensures that they are appropriate for inclusion and that the spelling and vocabulary are to her high standards!  The edited material is then passed to Margaret Smith who utilises her considerable computer skills to format the magazine onto disc, ready for submission to the printers, and at the same time collates the advertisements that help to pay for the cost of the magazine.

Each month when ready this disc is taken to Anton Office Supplies on the Walworth Industrial Estate, and two or three days later the finished magazines are ready for collection.

The task of distribution then commences.  All 450 copies are dropped off to Barbara-Jane Pope at Camber House, and from there smaller parcels are delivered to a band of local distributors.   Within hours the magazines reach their final destination.

The cost of all this - £170 a month or £2040 a year to cover the cost of printing. This is the only cost incurred,  in the form of the monthly invoice from Anton. Advertising revenue currently contributes £1650 to pay for this, the balance comes from our own limited local Church funds.

The Parish Oak has become the major, and only regular, source of local news and is recognised by the civil Parish Councils in both Enham Alamein and Smannell. Our Member of Parliament, Sir George Young, runs a regular advertisement – and reads the magazine every month.

Assistance with funding of the Parish Oak would be gratefully received.

Noel Pope (PCC Treasurer)

PCC Treasurer’s Report, 20th January 2010

Another financial year at the Parochial Church Council ended on 31st December and accounts are now being prepared ready for the Independent Examination and then for the Annual Meeting in April.  Full and detailed figures will be available at that time, but below are a few key figures (unaudited) to set the scene:

Total Income received: £21259.28 (2008 - £19631.67)

Total Expenses paid out: £22656.66 (2008 - £20539.63)

Deficit for the year: £1397.38

Major items of income came from the following sources:

Weekly collections: £4722.74

Regular giving under the Gift Aid scheme, including tax refunds: £7552.86

Other weekly donations via the Envelope scheme: £1100.90

Fund Raising; £4722.74

Investment income: £860.04

Trading and fees: £2883.50

Major areas of expenditure during the year were as follows:

Upkeep of Church and Services: £6330.70 (this includes everything from the electricity bill, insurance, to buying new candles, for example)

Smannell Churchyard maintenance: £908.00

Parish Share: £12,705.00 (Parish share is the fee paid to the Winchester Diocese to contribute to the local cost of our Vicar, his pension and stipend, as well as towards national ministry and training costs. We received an Aided Benefice Grant towards this, and managed to pay the balance requested in full, for the first time for several years).

Funds remain tight, and certainly we are a long way away from paying our full share towards having a resident Vicar living within our Parish. As always any donations will be gratefully received towards the costs that will arise during 2010.

Noel Pope (Treasurer, PCC, Smannell & Enham Alamein)

Enham Alamein Parish Council News

To say the New Year has started with a lot of snow is probably an understatement.  What can be said, with pride and confidence, is the way in which some members of our community reacted to assisting those less able than themselves.  The paths were inaccessible to wheelchairs and those unsteady underfoot so there were a few little notes through doors and a “ring round” to see if everyone was ok or needed anything.  Thank you to all those who helped out at this time.

There has been a lot of correspondence and discussions regarding the submitted Outline Planning Application for the Enham Village Plan.  Everyone should have received letters from Enham the Charity and from TVBC and an invitation to attend the Parish Council planning meetings.   Your Parish Councillors would like to advise you that we are available at any time should you have any questions or concerns in this connection.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 10th February at 7.15 p.m. in the rear room of the Shop.

Leslie Barry (Chairman)

Enham Village News

Congratulations to Leslie and Tim at the Enham Stores for being highly commended in the Village Shop/Post Office section of the Countryside Alliance Awards.  Although the Enham Shop did not actually win, it was the only one in the southern regional heats to get a coveted ‘highly commended’ award, being narrowly beaten by a store based in Oxfordshire.

The Countryside Alliance Awards celebrate the character, skills, tradition and enterprise of the countryside through the people who work so hard to make it tick.

Small independent retail businesses like the Enham Stores are finding it ever harder to survive in these difficult times but, without such places, village life as we know it would cease to exist.   They provide so much more than just the services of a convenience store.

David Hayward

Play time!

Enham is keen to develop the community areas around the village to make them pleasant and enjoyable for as many residents as possible.

The children’s playground area in Turnill Court off Landale Close in Enham Alamein is in genuine need of a revamp.     We would like the playground to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children where they can develop their skills, meet other children and have fun.    The playground needs new and exciting facilities such as fresh play equipment, tree sculptures to climb over and stepping stones.

In creating a new playground, we want to incorporate as many local people as possible in the plans, including the views of children from the local Smannell and Enham Primary School. 

We are also seeking volunteers within the local community who would be interested to join a working committee to raise money to upgrade the play area and have a real say on the future design.  We’re also looking for any local artists or sculptors who would like to incorporate their work into the project and help with design and craftsmanship.

Volunteers involved in our playground upgrade would be undertaking activities such as fundraising, consultation on the design and seeking awards to apply for once our playground is complete!

In the first instance, we are planning a consultation meeting to be held in the village in February 2010.  The details of the meeting will be posted in the Enham Alamein Post Office.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Victoria Leesam – Property Executive at Enham, telephone 01264 345803, email or write to: Evelyne Ord Cottage, Enham Alamein, Nr. Andover,Hants, SP11 6HL



Dear Editor,

May I, through your column, thank the Enham Alamein Parish Council for organising a public meeting between the people of Enham and the Enham Trust to discuss the proposed application for development of Enham Village.  I would like to congratulate Andy Bushell, who takes the lead on the Parish Council for Planning, who managed a potentially difficult meeting.

The meeting was well attended by a cross-section of the community of Enham.  We were able to question Mike Smith, Chief Executive of the Enham Trust and hear the full horror of the development.

The majority present agreed that the Brownfield sites (the old engineering workshop and woodwork factory) need developing BUT ALL present objected to developing on Greenfield sites within the village. 

Please can I ask that anyone who objects to building on fields within Enham, or objects for any other reason to this massive development of 395 new homes in Enham, to write to Test Valley Borough Council Planning Department, quoting application No. 09/02623/OUTN at TVBC, Weyhill Road, Andover, Hants. SP10 3AAJ or email planning@testvalley.gov.uk. You don’t have to write a lot, just a simple sentence saying you object because you do not want Enham to build on the fields in the village will be enough.

The more complaints, the more likely Test Valley Planners will NOT let the building go ahead.

Please do it soon, as the application is with the Planners NOW!!

Rachel Cox

Parish Council representation on the school governing body

The Governing Body of Smannell & Enham CE(A) Primary School have a vacancy for a Sponsor Governor who will create a bridge between the School and the Parish Councils of Smannell and Enham Alamein.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact either the Headteacher Julie Winning at the School on 323201, or the Chair of Governors Virginia Hannan on 390079.            .      

Lost & Found

1 Earring, silver wire/blue/black sparkly oval drop – found beside the church gate in Smannell.  Please telephone 357487.