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Smannell & Enham Alamein Parish

P.C.C Minutes

There is a copy of the minutes on the notice boards of both churches. If you would like a copy please ask Margaret

United Benefice of Knights Enham: Parochial Church Council of Smannell with Enham Alamein PCC Meeting - held at Jubilee House on Tuesday, 19th January, 2010 at 6.00 p.m.

Present: Rev. Thomas Wharton (Chairman), Pete Bowker (Church Warden), Elizabeth Hall, Noel Pope (Treasurer), Margaret Smith (Secretary), Barbara Wheadon, Irene Wilson, Gail Young

Apologies:  Sue Foord.  (Margaret Hughes has leave of absence until the AGM)

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with prayer.

  1.  MINUTES OF PREVIOUS PCC MEETING OF 13TH OCTOBER 2009  The Minutes, having been circulated were approved and signed as correct by the Chairman.
  2. MATTERS ARISING THEREFROM The Christmas Services had been much enjoyed by the Parish.
  4. Signs outside Churches  The quotation had been too high.  Further investigations would be made
  5. Smannell Parish Boundary  All issues had been satisfactorily settled
  6. List of Incumbents  Rev. Thomas would discuss with the Archdeacon.                       Action: Rev. Thomas
  7. St. George’s  The heating was being kept on in the vestry to keep damp away.  ChristChurch Investigations into the repair of the bell were continuing.


  1. Treasurer’s Report 

Accounts were being prepared for Independent Examination before the AGM.  
Main figures for 2009

Total income received: £21,259.28 (2008:£19,631.67); 
Total Expenses paid: £22,656.66 (2008: £20,539.63) 
Deficit for the year: £1,397.38. 

Funds remained tight and we were a long way from paying our full share towards having a resident Vicar living within our Parish.   The Council was delighted that the Parish Share had been paid in full and it was hoped that we could improve on our figure of £12,000 set for 2010.

  1. Fund Raising  Mr. Rolls had kindly agreed to host the Parish BBQ and provide a hog roast.  Further information would be available at a later date.  It was also hoped to have a Family BBQ to include members of the 7Up Club. Dates for the School BBQ and the Enham Family Fun Day would be available in due course.  It was agreed to consider the Lottery at a future date.
  2. Stewardship Leaflets  Rev. Thomas circulated drafts he had prepared.  It was agreed that these should be abridged and brought to the next meeting.                                                                                 Action: Rev. Thomas
  3. Charitable Donations  Rev. Thomas suggested continuing donations to Naomi House and the Countess of Brecknock Hospice and for an International charity he suggested a school being run for Palestinian children.  The Head Teacher of Smannell School had already visited and her school were developing ties and fund raising for the children in Palestine.  Rev. Thomas agreed to find out more information from the Head Teacher

                                                                                                                                        Action: Rev. Thomas

5.     WORSHIP REVIEW  It was agreed to set up groups from both Churches to discuss the pattern of services 
        and make any suggestions they thought helpful.                                                    Action: Rev. Thomas 
6.     PASTORAL CARE  Rev. Thomas asked members to let him know of any parishioners who might welcome
        a visit or a mention in prayers.                                                                                Action:  All members

7.     LENT & EASTER

  1. Services:

Ash Wednesday                        17th Feb                  St. George’s          10.00am 
Mothering Sunday                     14th March             Christ Church       10.00am Family Service with Baptism

Holy Week:                                 
Wednesday                                 31st March              Christ Church       6.00pm Passion Music with cello and choir
         Maundy Thursday                     1st April                  St. George’s          6 p.m. (tbc)
Good Friday Walk                      2nd April                 9.15 am from St. Georges to Christ Church                                                                                                            9.45am service at Christ Church and HC Buns and tea
                                                                                      St. Michael’s         2.00pm Hour by cross
Saturday                                      3rd April                  St. Paul’s               7.30pm Easter Liturgy
Easter Day                                   4th April                  St. George’s          10.00am Family Communion
                                                                                      (No 8.30am at Smannell)

b) Emmaus Group  Rev. Thomas would be conducting a 6 week course for those being confirmed.  Anyone else 
    wishing to take part would be very welcome. 
c) Lent lunches and charity donations 
    St. George’s:     23rd February, 2nd March
    Christ Church:  9th March
    The Oak:            16th March  (Enquiries to be made by Rev Thomas)                                      Action: Rev. Thomas
    All donations to charity


    1. Christmas card from Margaret Hughes
    2. Faculties Grave Reservation approved for Terence & Maureen Roll

c)Form of Approval  to remove military badge and bracket and introduce a wooden statue of the Madonna and 
  child on a plinth

9. 7Up CLUB
Meeting dates:  20th January, 24th February, 24th March at 5.30 p.m.


  1. Website  Agreed that the Parish should have its own website which would cost approximately £60 p.a.

                                                                                                                                                                Action: Rev. Thomas

  1. Fees  Agreed that a fee of £30 per service should be charged for funerals, wedding etc. to cover heating, etc.
  2. Team Service 31st January at St. Paul’s Centre at 1030.
  3. Organist Howard  It was agreed to increase his mileage allowance                                      Action: Noel
  4. Weddings 20th February  and 17th April at Christ Church


  1. ‘Enham’ Plans for proposed development of Enham  Tuesday, 26th January at Landale Wilson Hall
  2. Standing Committee:  9th March 2010
  3. Full PCC Meeting:  16th March 2010
  4. Annual General Meeting:  26th April at the Oak, Smannell at 6 p.m.