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Smarden Parish Council



In addition to this website Smarden is fortunate to have an excellent selection of communication tools.  Please make use of them.  It takes minimal time to use some or all of these approaches whether you are promoting an event or want to impart important information.  They are:

Parish Magazine: this is essential for all communications. We urge everyone to subscribe to it as it not only tells you about every social activity and vital community information but it advertises local shops and businesses and is a very interesting read.  Copy for publication must be sent to Alan Hipkiss via smarden.mag@btopenworld.com by 14th of the month for publication in the following month’s magazine.  To take out a subscription, just £5 for 12 months, please contact Tony Lush via 770590 or pattony78@gmail.com

Smarden Community Facebook page:  this is closed to Smarden residents and is a very useful place to reach a wider audience and to post events and urgent communications. Includes a selling page and business directory.  See https://www.facebook.com/groups/234523896991389/permalink/287461031697675/

Charter Hall mailing list:   open to anyone, whether they live in Smarden or beyond, who wishes to be kept informed of events, important news etc.  To be added to the list or to request an item, relating to Smarden, is posted contact charterhall1@btconnect.com

Next Door Smarden:    provides e-mail alerts including information, events, sales,  people seeking a someone to garden, fix something etc, via a daily listing.   See https://smarden.nextdoor.co.uk/news_feed/?is=sidebar

Kentish Express:  weekly column in our local newspaper (Tenterden and Ashford editions).  Contact Eleanor Bliss eleanorbliss@btinternet.com or 770082

Posters:  there are noticeboards at the Charter Hall, at Town Barn, in the Church.  Shops, Churches, Gallery and Pubs are often willing to display posters if they have space. Please do not fly-post notices on telegraph poles.  If relevant the school and Sports Association have noticeboards.  Please remove out-of-date posters as soon as possible

Noticeboards:  please do not place noticeboards for events where they may cause a hazard to traffic and ask permission of landowners beore placing them on verges.  Please remove them after the event.

Flyers:  recognising that most people read the parish magazine or use the internet, the Parish Council only invests in flyers when the message is urgent and a top priority.  They are often a request to send your comments regarding a planning matter.  Delivering them is time-consuming and we are very grateful to volunteers.  Please help us to help you by responding if you agree with the message.