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Smarden Parish Council

Emergency Plan


Our plan has been developed in partnership with the Kent Resilience Forum, Kent Association of Local Councils, Ashford Borough Council and the Environment Agency.  Members of the Smarden Emergency Response Team will seek to lead local community action if an emergency situation arises eg flood, fire, devastation due to high winds, prolonged loss of power, flu pandemic etc.  Please note that an emergency is an event or situation which threatens damage to human welfare or the environment.  We are not acting as emergency services but together with other members of the community, will do whatever we can to assist until they can take over. If you are aware of an emergency situation developing call 999 or contact another appropriate service before contacting us. 

We have established a Smarden Emergency Response Team:

  • John Atkins (Assistant Flood Warden)   East Lake Barn, Vesper Hawk Lane TN27 8PU tel: 770736
  • Mike Barkway, (Charter Hall) 2 Meeting House, Water Lane TN27 8NR tel: 770243
  • Gill Bromley (Good Neighbour Scheme) 20 Ashenden, Water  Lane TN27 8RT tel: 770451
  • Paul Brooker (Zion Chapel), Heber Manse, Bethersden Rd TN27 8QU tel: 770231
  • Jocelyn Craig (Parish Council), The Old Post Office, The Street TN27 8QA tel: 770854
  • Keith de la Plain (Flood Warden),3 Beult Meadow TN27 8PZ tel: 770454
  • David King (Church and Youth Club), Kia Ora, Pluckley Road TN27 8NQ tel: 770400

In the extremely rare event that an emergency occurs our plan provides us with the basics that we need to cope until the emergency services can take over.  It includes:

  • details of organizations and individuals who have volunteered to help including drivers, first aiders, caterers, engineers and people willing to give general assistance
  • lists of equipment, transport and supplies including camp beds,food, animal feed, hoses, heaters,  pumps, tents and 4-wheel drive vehicles
  • contact details for buildings which might serve as centres or shelters in an emergency including the Charter Hall, Churches, School and Youth Club

This information will be held in confidence and only used in an emergency.  In the event of an emergency, and especially if there is a power cut, we will communicate as best we can including door knocking where possible, notices in Post Office, Butcher’s and pubs, information on the Parish Council website etc.

If you can offer skills or resources to support the Emergency Team please complete the attached Emergency Plan Reply Form and return it to any of the Emergency Team

One of our priorities will be to provide whatever support we can to our most vulnerable residents i.e. those who may need additional assistance in an emergency.  Should you wish your details, or those of someone in your household, to be included, please let us know.  There is no need for you to disclose any sensitive personal information.

We believe we can all do more to prepare for and prevent emergencies at home. Everyone can do their bit to be safe at home and help to keep the community safe.  See section 4 of the Emergency Plan (Hazards and Actions to take within Smarden).  It lists the risks most likely to occur, starting with flooding, and suggest actions that Parishioners and the Emergency Team can take to mitigate these risks and build resilience.  For excellent guidance we recommend this website; click on the ‘What Should I do in an Emergency?’ handbook;  http://www.westkentccg.nhs.uk/services/emergency-handbook/

Presentation speaking notes are attached below: they provide an overview of the process we followed to develop our plan. The presentation has been given to the Kent Association of Parish Councils as Smarden is one of the first in the county to develop such a plan.  Please be aware that the Emergency Plan is continually evolving and developing.  It will be reviewed annually or after any emergency whichever occurs first.

We are grateful to Ashford Borough Council and Kent County Council for grants which have enabled us to purchase hi visibility vests, a roll-down whiteboard for use at the Emergency Centre, and 15 x 2-way radios.  The Radios and Hi-vis vests are available for Community use at events eg Bonfire Night etc.  Smarden also has 3 defibrillators which are available 24/7.  They are located at the Charter Hall, Flying Horse and Sports Pavilion.


Smarden Emergency Plan v9 Smarden-Emergency-Plan-version-9.docx 546.2 KB Appendix 1a External Organisations Contact Details Appendices-1a-external-orgs-contact-details-updated-May-2016.xlsx 20.5 KB Appendix 1b Community Organisations Appendix-1b-community-organisations.docx 16.6 KB Appendix 1c Smarden Emergency Response Team appendix-1c-smarden-emergency-response-team.xlsx 10.4 KB Appendix 1e Emergency Kit Appendix-1e-Emergency-Kit-list.docx 12.6 KB Appendix 1f Letter to Residents Appendix-1f-letter-to-residents.docx 14.1 KB Appendix 1g Residents' Response Form 1g-Residents'-Response-Form--nov2016.docx 13.7 KB Appendix 3 Incident Log Appendix-3---Incident-log.docx 21.3 KB Appendix 4 Community Flood Plan Appendix-4--Community-Flood-Plan-Smarden-v2.doc 1.4 MB Appendix 5 Community Shelter Attendees Appendix-5-Community-Shelter-attendees-list.docx 16.2 KB Appendix 6a NHW Wardens appendix-6a-NHW-wardens.pdf 64.9 KB Appendix 6b NHW Map appendix-6b-NHW-map.pdf 1.7 MB Appendix 6c 2-way Radio Distribution List Appendix-6c-2-way-radio-distribution-list.docx 15.2 KB Appendix 6d 2-way Radios Simple Instructions appendix-6d-2-way-radios-simple-instruction-june-2017.docx 13.2 KB Appendix 6e 2-way Radios Manuel appendix-6e-2-way-radios-etiquette-and-rules-june-2017.docx 12.3 KB Appendix 8 Being Prepared for Emergencies Appendix-8-being-prepared-for-emergencies.docx 17.2 KB Appendix 9 Data Protection Consent Form Appendix-9-Data-Protection-consent-form.docx 12.7 KB Presentation speaking notes Presentation-speaking-notes-kalc-may16.docx 23.7 KB