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Smarden Parish Council

Headcorn Airfield

HEADCORN AIRFIELD:  Jamie Freeman is the airfield owner & operator of this private aerodrome and is pleased to answer any queries about its operation (01622 890226). There are various restrictions on the flying activities that take place to try and strike a balance between the  needs of the users and the local residents. The website https://headcornaerodrome.co.uk/ tells you about all the activities there including flying instruction, parachuting, skydiving and special events. Each year there are a certain number of days at weekends which are listed as aerobatic free days to try & reduce the local disturbance.

The Parish Council have been informed that by Headcorn Aerodrome that the remaining aerobatic free days this year will be Saturday 5 August and Sunday 27 August.

Parish Councillor Brian Bristow brian@limekiln.info 01233 770564 is the Smarden representative on the Airfield's Consultative Committee which is the liaison between the airfield and the local villages for any issues.