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Smarden Parish Council

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch has been part of Smarden for many years. Whilst we are lucky enough not to be a crime hotspot, there are still crimes and problems in which we need to involve the Police. However, if crimes are not reported, resources will be reduced and everyone will assume that Smarden needs little or no support.

At the beginning, Wardens were telephoned and Messages left. It wasn’t as easy as it is now to alert everyone in the area. Now the Wardens receive information by email, which is quickly forwarded to everyone who has signed up to receive them. It’s easy to do this, just email your Warden and ask to be added to the group. Smarden has been split in eight areas and each has its own Warden. If you need to speak to someone and your own Warden is not available, please contact any other Warden. We do have close contact with each other. A list of Wardens together with a map of the various Smarden areas is attached.

By the way, we’re not just about crime - in the past few months we’ve reunited a lost dog, two horses and a missing duck with their owners!

Wardens also report anything of immediate importance on the Smarden Community Facebook page and on Next Door, both of which are easy to join.

Call 999 if a crime is actually taking place or if there is an emergency.

Call 101 to report anything else.

Please let your N/W warden know as well.

Our PCSO is Oli Welch.  He can be contacted via 101 or csu.ashford@kent.pnn.police.uk

These websites may also be useful

https://countryeye.co.uk/  Country Eye is a useful phone app for Kent.  It enables people to photograph a crime scene, dumped rubbish etc. When you submit it to Country Eye, together with the location, it then gets reported directly to the relevant organisation eg Police, Borough Council etc. 





Kent Police have begun trialling on-line crime reporting. We believe that this is primarily for use in place of the calls you would normally make to 101. 

When you enter the information and submit the report it will generate a crime number which can be used for insurance or tracking/reference purposes. The report will then be assessed on the police “Risk Harm and Threat” scale criteria. You may receive calls for the purposes of clarification where necessary.

Please  use the facility;  hopefully it will reveal the true level of rural crime and be quick enough to allow you to report all of the criminal damage and activity that you normally ignore because it is too much trouble to report. In turn, we hope that more accurate figures may cause more resource to be diverted to the problem.

Also please complete the feedback form at the bottom of the page as it will enable Kent Police to establish whether this new service is working effectively.

He link for the on-line reporting service is as below.


Smarden Parish Council Neighbourhood Watch