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Brian Hawkins - President 2022 Brian Hawkins - President 2022

Pre-season message from the President

Hello everyone,
As we approach the start of the outdoor season it's difficult not to reflect on the pandemic
and all the problems it’s caused. Let's hope that this year things will continue to improve and
return to something like normality.
Last season there were some changes made. I hope the continuation of three rinks per
game will continue to help some of you in your team selections. While the addition of a 5th
division this year will give others more playing opportunities. Also, the end of season
competition introduced last year, now adds a further dimension to our league.
Well done to all the division winners last season. This year promotions and relegations will
be applied in the normal way.
I’m looking forward to seeing many of you on the green this year, but in the meantime I’d like
to wish you all well and have a very enjoyable season.
My nominated charity this year is Prostate Cancer so any donations made will be very much
Brian Hawkins.




* End of Season Competition - fixtures are now available on the "Fixtures" page. Additional details will be posted in due course.