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South Oxford Farmers' Market

Market Principles

  • Our guiding principle is to run a weekly market selling ethically-produced local, seasonal and/or organic food and non-food goods. ‘Local’ means produced within a 30-mile radius of Oxford: ‘produced’ means containing a significant quantity of local ingredients and labour.
  • Locality rules do not necessarily apply to ethical enterprises such as Fairtrade or similar organisations; stalls selling environmentally-friendly household products; and local enterprises that add substantial community value to the market. In general, the Market Organisers reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and to afford space to traders   on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the overall principles of the market.
  • Stallholders’ production methods must have minimal adverse environmental impact and conform to a good standard of sustainability, animal welfare and fairness at work. Stallholders should be able to give a good account of the provenance of all their ingredients from their source, and their production methods. Relevant certificates (e.g. Soil Association) should be displayed. The Market will monitor standards through discussion, inspection and questionnaires.
  • No genetically modified products or ingredients may be used or sold in any product.
  • All stalls will be staffed by at least one person directly involved in or fully knowledgeable about the growing/making of the produce/product who is able to answer customers’ questions about their products and their ingredients.
  • We support the resale of locally-sourced second-hand products such as books and clothing.

[Many thanks to the fine folks at East Oxford Farmers Market whose Market Manifesto inspired this document. All amendments are our own!]