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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Knighthood 2016 day 2

By Sir Dave Welch Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Friday, 26 August 2016


Knighthood 2016


Although not so hot Thursday evening was a very humid and uncomfortable evening to continue the famous "Knighthood" competition at the Old Green Southampton. It was so sticky that the Senior Knight permitted ties to be removed by Gentlemen Commoners. The Knights however had to wear the traditional full regalia!! Richard Haynes being the winner of the last end played started procedures. It soon became clear that the leader of the competition Mick Barge was distracted and not bowling his usual standard. This left the door open for the other competitors. The opportunity was fully taken by Joshua Davis as he hit a purple patch to win three ends, including recording a "lodger" which is the best possible shot (as the jack is placed on a 1776 penny and if knocked off of the penny is replaced on it prior to measuring the distance jack to wood. A lodger is when the wood moves the jack from the penny and the wood remains covering the penny such that the jack is not able to be replaced upon the penny). Dudley Bryant doubled his score to 2 and others were added to the score sheet by picking up 1 shot.
The last end was won by Barry Gibb, I guess at that time, sweating in that heat we could say/sing "Night fever night fever" or "huh huh huh huh Staying Alive, Staying Alive"         SORRY!!
Wayne Page 1; Eliot Mahoney 2; Graham Long 2; Dudley Bryant 2; Ian Payne 1; Bill Turlin 1; Dave Callaway 1; Richard Haynes 1; Mike Body 1; Joshua Davis 3; Chris Burchell 1; Barry Gibb 1 Mick Barge 3

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Sir Dave Welch

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3AX


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SOBG is opposite the cruise terminal (Oceania), on the corner of Lower Canal Walk.