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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Knighthood 2016 day 4

By Sir Dave Welch Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Knighthood 2016


Day 4 of the Knighthood did not seem any different. There was no real feeling that the competition may be won today. The thought being will we continue on Bank Holiday Monday or Tuesday. A few ends in the whole scenario had changed as Josh Davis picked up a double to climb to six shots and only requiring one to become Knight elect. However being on 6 shots seemed to put him under pressure as he failed end after end to draw the elusive shot. In the meantime his closest rivals were fighting back with David Deighton winning two ends to total 4, Mick Barge scored to bring him within reach and one time favourite Eliot Mahoney briefly found his form to add to the pressure. Josh eventually settled his nerves and bowled a superb wood very close to the "old penny", but there were still 10 or so bowlers to follow. One by one a good looking bowl would pull up quickly or run through inches until in traditional manner the Knights lined up and marched towards the gentlemen commoners announcing that the winner of the competition for medal number 242 is Joshua Davis the Knight Elect

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Sir Dave Welch

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3AX


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SOBG is opposite the cruise terminal (Oceania), on the corner of Lower Canal Walk.