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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Ladies League

By Chris Burchell Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Southampton (Old) Bowling Green Contributor


This is the report on the most recent match on 22nd June at home to Friary.


Marguerite Oliver, Nola Bayley and Jeni Winney started their match well with a score of four on the first end followed by a three achieved on the third end, but unfortunately then they seemed to lose their way over the next four ends dropping nine shots.  Rallying a little they came back to being only 10-11 down at the start of the 10th end.   Unfortunately from then on they were then out-thought by the opposition and were never really able to get back into the game, eventually losing 12-21.


On the next rink Choi-Lin Sanders, Pam Crompton and Barbara Sparling had a see-saw battle and at 5 ends were 2-4 down.  However a four picked up on the sixth end followed by 2 consecutive counts of two brought them right back into the match.  It was difficult to get a significant gap however with the away team slightly more consistent and certainly more fortunate.  Indeed at 13 ends Friary were only three shots adrift (12-9) but our ladies pulled away again picking up seven shots over the remaining 5 ends with the loss of only two singles.  It finished 19-11.


Unfortunately the ladies lost the match overall by one shot, 31-32, gifting Friary 3 points.  Friary at the start of play had only achieved 1 point in total all season.  Old Green added only one point to their own league tally and sees them down to 4th place in the table.  We need to start converting these one shot losses to wins, ladies.  

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Joshua Davis

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SOBG is opposite the cruise terminal (Oceania), on the corner of Lower Canal Walk.