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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Ladies League

By Chris Burchell Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Southampton (Old) Bowling Green Contributor


The final away match of the league season on 17th August saw our ladies travel to Winchester to play Friary - always a challenging green to play on.  Nola Bayley, Pam Crompton and Barbara Sparling had an awful start to the game, as none of the three players could even reach the target, and when they did, the opposition skip manoeuvred them out of it.  It was crushing to be 0-20 down after 7 ends so any acquisition of shots from now on would be welcomed!   At this point they rallied slightly and scored singles on the next three consecutive ends with a welcome 5 achieved on the following end and spirits were lifting slightly.  At 8-20 down at 11 ends it suddenly didn’t seem so bad.   However, unfortunately the opposition were only biding their time and picked up shots on the next five ends to go 8-26 up.  A four on the penultimate end and a single on the last at least got our ladies into double figures and 13-26 down wasn’t maybe quite as bad as it could have been.   On the adjacent rink, Sheelagh Glossop, Val Morris and Jeni Winney were 11-0 up at 4 ends, having a much better contested game of it, but let the advantage slide slightly dropping 8 shots over the next three ends (11-8).  From then on it was a see-saw game with single shots being exchanged, although our ladies were always in the lead.  A score of five achieved on the 12th end put them in a safer position at 20-9 up and at one point it looked as if this rubber would carry the match.  Unfortunately the Friary ladies clawed their way back into the game and won the last four ends with three singles and a pair.   A win of 21-17 for our ladies at least gave us 1 point, although the match was lost 34 shots to 43, now safe in 4th place, as our nearest rivals, Eastleigh Railway, lost their final match.  


Old Green still have one game to play, a re-arranged home tie against Sports Centre on Wednesday 13th September.  

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Joshua Davis

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Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3AX


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SOBG is opposite the cruise terminal (Oceania), on the corner of Lower Canal Walk.