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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Ode to the Knighthood

By Sir Dave Welch Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Friday, 26 August 2016


Knighthood 2016


2015 the youngest Knight titled “sir” Lou

2016 it is competition medal number 242

Unusually high temperatures, a hot Summers day

“It’s usually overcast” Knights comment with dismay

We win it and wear it, wear it all

Perhaps the senior Knight will make the call

To discard our thick lined tail coat or top hat

“That’s not tradition you can forget that”.

People begin to arrive, should we start to dress 

No we stay cooler whilst we wear less

The Mayors party is due in 5 minutes no more

Lets leave off the coat til she enters the door

All assembled, dressed and ready to go

Trying to remember the things we should know

The bell rings, and loud words from the crier

Time to go, the pulse rate goes higher

Lined up once more in front of the crowd

Then the Senior Knight begins the address aloud

I wince and my heart beats faster

As I realise the words should come from the Master

The gaff is soon corrected and all is good

Time for the past Master to bowl the first wood

Contact Information

Sir Dave Welch

Find Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3AX


Additional Information

SOBG is opposite the cruise terminal (Oceania), on the corner of Lower Canal Walk.