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Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Opening Day of the 2018 Season

By Joshua Davis Southampton (Old) Bowling Green

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Southampton (Old) Bowling Green Contributor


It's here, the 2018 outdoor season has begun! 

The season started with the traditional first game of the season, an interclub game consisting of a team selected by the Master vs the a team selected by the Vice Master, which proved to be a well balanced and competitive game to start the season. 

This years Master, Mick Barge, picked a team full of club stalwarts, including senior knight Jim Barlow, the past master Ken Dow and green keeper 'Sir' Graham Hart, mixed in with a few newer faces to the club. 

The vice master, Ian Payne, opted to go with a less experienced (and more youthful) team with the likes of Louis Kalizewski, Joshua Davis and Dave "super skip" Callaway, who you will remember won top rink in the last match at Desborough. 

Whilst the conditions were not the sunny Spring day which everyone had been hoping for, spirits were high and the excitement of the day was not  to be damped by the April showers. The master bowled the traditional first wood, which was follow by a spider competition before the main event began. 

The match started off rather even, with the two sides battling for the first few ends, though by the 5th end the master's experienced team had taken an early 9 shot lead thanks to Gary Spake's rink who were 9-1 up at this point, perhaps a sign for things to come?

As the game developed, the cobwebs from not bowling for 6 months started to disappear and some super woods started shaping the game, Pete Winter being the most consistent bowler on the day, never missing his line and usually ending up on a few foot away from the jack, thankfully he was on my rink and my team! 

By the halfway point in the match, the game was still tight but with the Master's side still holding on to a narrow lead. Gary Spake's rink were still managing to maintain their strong lead and look destined to come out as top rink. 

During the second half of the game the tables began to turn, as the vice master's team started picking up shots with Dave Callway, Louis Kalizewski and Keith Vine's rinks all picking up a 4 or 5 each by the 16th end, meaning the scores were almost balanced at 86-84 to the master. 

As the first game of the season entered it's final stages, the teams tussled with the vice master's team eventually pipping the master's team to the win, ending the game at 89 to the master and 93 to the vice master. 

The highest winning rink for the day was: Richard Haynes, Graham Comley, Lady Anita Hart and none other than Dave 'super skip' Callaway though this may be one for the dubious decisions panel as 'Sir' Ken Dow's rink also finished on the same shot difference, so well done to 'Lady' Sue Priestley, Mark Yeo, Keith 'hatchet' Hampton and 'Sir' Ken Dow.

Hoepfully everyone enjoyed their day and is looking forward for whatever the 2018 outdoor season has to offer!

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Joshua Davis

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