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Spotlight Investigations

Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent haunting are those in which the spirit can interact.  The ghost may try to communicate with those who can see or hear it. The spirit may have a connection with a person, place or thing. Intelligent haunting sometimes happens due to a spirit's need to deliver a message from the other side of the grave or to watch over loved ones. In addition, it is also plausible that an intelligent haunting can occur due to attachments the ghostly person feels to memories, trauma, tragedy or any other emotional tie, effectively binding the mind to:

  • not realizing the deceased person's body has indeed expired
  • completing unfinished earthly business
  • re-living traumatic events, as the mind consistently replays the event in an attempt to comprehend
  • perhaps remaining with loved ones or persons the ghost finds like company with
  • not letting go due to some form of fear after death, such as fear of punishment or moving on unto the unknown