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Portal Haunting

What Is a Portal Haunting?

A portal is believed to be an doorway from the spirit realm into our world. Some ghost hunters believe that portals exist between the physical and spirit worlds,  But 'portal haunting' is widely debated among paranormal investigators as little is yet known to verify their existence, so the idea of doorways existing to allow entrance into this plane from another is merely conjecture at this point in time.

The Portal Haunting Idea

It is theorized that portals act as a door for ghosts, entities and spirits to cross over from the other worlds unto the physical realm - that they must have such a path to gain entrance in the physical plane.

If portals exist, then it is speculated that haunting, paranormal activity, would increase near these doorways into our universe. If true, portal haunting might be indicators of invisible gateways between the earth and other dimensions - even other worlds! Yet no one knows for sure if portals actually exist, and if so, what they may be.