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St Mary the Virgin, Abbots Ann

Church Bells

Bell Bell

The earliest reference to the bells occurs in 1607 when they were re-cast. The memorandum says that: “The foure Bells in Abbatts An church were altogether new cast, by Mr. John Wallys of Salsbury in November, Anno 1607. We had but three belles, and did cast them into 4 adding to them 127 li. of mettell which we bought of the bellfounder after the rate of 9d. the li. For the casting of the four belles, we paid for every of the four bells liiis 4d, a peec. The carpenters, smithes work, clappers mending, caryage of them, hanging and all other expenses came to vi li. All the charges at the bellfounders, for casting and mettaile, was xvi. Ii. in toto 22 li.” A fifth bell was later added, presumably during the 18th century. A sixth bell was added in 1989, following much energetic fund-raising by the bellringing team, in order to improve the peal.

The inscriptions on the bells are as follows:

No. 1. FEAR GOD HONOUR THE KING 1729 IC HARRY COLE CW Re-cast by Gillett & Johnston, Croydon 1939

No. 2. HOPE WELL 1W 1607 Re-cast by Gillett & Johnston 1939

No. 3. LOVE GOD 1W 1607 Re-cast by Gillett & Johnston 1939


No. 5. FEAR THE LORD IW 1607 JUBILEE. GOD BE IN MY MOUTH 1989 Taylors of Loughborough

IW were the initials of Bellfounder John Wallis of Salisbury, and IC those of John Coe, also of Salisbury. Taylors of Loughborough are one of only two firms of bellfounders still existing in this country. The name Harry Cole on No. 1. bell commemorates a Churchwarden.

The Clock was built by Bensons of London and strikes the hours on the Tenor Bell. It is now wound electrically.