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Stanton Harcourt Parish Council wants to help anyone affected by Coronavirus. If you are self-isolating you may need food, medicines or other household essentials delivered to you because you can't go out to get them yourself.

You may want to chat to someone on the phone - or you may want just someone to come and wave to you through the window!!

Whatever your needs might be you can call or email any of the people listed here and they will organise for someone to help you.

No charge service!!  Please don't be afraid to ask!!


Charles Mathew - 01865 882205

Gill Sellars - 01865 731238 - 07778 924964 -

Matthew Judson - 01865 731310 - 07977 502209 -

Graham Dixon-Brown - 01865 882065 -

Trudi Gasser - 01865 686498 -

Please pass this message on to anyone who may need help.

If you are prepared to help if required please let one of us know.


Please check this website regularly for updates and resources.

Please also refer to the 'Villager's Other Voice' Facebook group: