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Shop Questionnaire

We currently have two shops in the village, but it is difficult for them to offer a wide range of goods at prices that everyone can afford and be open throughout the day.

One of the biggest costs for village shops is employing staff, so shops often reduce opening hours, increase the price of products, or both. Some villages have overcome this by operating community enterprises staffed by volunteers, each giving a little time and energy. Community shops, like the one in Appleton, have thrived and become real community hubs - volunteers do not get paid, but find the social engagement very rewarding.

This questionnaire asks what facilities villagers would like to see in Stanton Harcourt and Sutton and what support there is for a community shop. If the response is positive, we would hold a public meeting (when safe to do so) for further discussion and to form an action group to develop plans further.

Please complete this Questionnaire, even if you are not interested in having a shop in the village, as all feedback is valuable. We would also like to hear from people that might be willing to volunteer a few hours a week to work in a community shop or help in other ways.

You can also contact the people below directly to share your ideas.

Steve Tuck                            Judith Parker                       Gill Sellars                        Rachel Arnold

Keith Hickson                      Joe Deane                             Matthew Judson

We want to get feedback from as many of you as possible, so a hardcopy Questionnaire is being delivered to every home in Stanton Harcourt and Sutton along with the Village Voice Newsletter. Completed Questionnaires can be returned to either of the village shops, but we will also be collecting them door-to-door. If you prefer, you can fill in the Questionnaire online here: 

To complete Survey online click link below