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Stockton Parish Council

About Us

‚ÄčStockton Parish Council members are currently: 

  Adrian Leng           lengs@robertpearson.co.uk   Tel: 01985-850954

  Charlie Beales        charlie.b@sky.com                Tel: 0780-153.8683

  Hugh Wilson          hwilson@uwclub.net               Tel: 01985-850481

  Alison Trickey         alisonctrickey@gmail.com     Tel: 01985-851118

   Stockton is a small but beautiful village in the Wylye Valley. It is generally a quiet & peaceful place with a friendly atmosphere. We are extremely lucky to have The Carriers Pub as the village watering hole and meeting place, the beautiful St John`s The Baptist Church and that centre of sporting excellence the Stockton Cricket Pitch. Being a small village not too much happens really so we in The Parish Council like to keep a light hand on the rudder so to speak. Of course if you ever have any issues you want to raise do please contact one the members above and we will do what we can to help. Thank you.