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Covid guide

By Wendy Richards Stoke St Milborough Parish Council

Tuesday, 22 December 2020


Stoke St Milborough Parish Council Contributor


Season’s greetings to everyone.

Did you know – on Monday it’s the shortest day of the year? The winter solstice. Traditionally the start of a time of reflection and celebration. Well, what a year 2020 has been and here we are in the last two weeks.

This tends to be a time when we look to friends and family; and having been starved of their company, we now find ourselves with a quandary. Do we celebrate and if so, how?

First, let’s celebrate the fantastic ways in which our local communities have come together in 2020 to support anyone in need. That has been a highlight. Thank you to everyone around us.

Then, practically, over the next two weeks, a lot of responsibility has been placed in our hands and we’ll all be making important decisions about meeting and supporting others, keeping people safe and reducing risks.

Personally, I’m going to be guided by these simple principles:

“Keep it small - Keep it short - Keep it local - Think of the most vulnerable”

I hope you’ll be guided by the same as you make decisions about celebrating while continuing to provide essential everyday support to neighbours and friends.

Thinking of the most vulnerable, there is so much important information to pass forward, but I’m going to keep this email short and point you to key items that you may find useful to share.

Attached you will find:

Contact numbers (day or night) for the Samaritans
Suicide prevention campaign resources
New rules on self-isolation
Latest Covid-19 cases in Shropshire

As always you can find full up-to-date information and guidance on the council website -

Shropshire Council Covid-19 Helpline - 0345 6789 028 – is open during the festive period. The helpline is available to assist with enquiries and concerns associated with Covid-19, of a non-medical nature. Opening dates and times are:

21/12/2020 Monday 8am-6pm

22/12/2020 Tuesday 8am-6pm

23/12/2020 Wednesday 8am-5pm

24/12/2020 Thursday 9am-5pm

29/12/2020 Tuesday 9am-5pm

30/12/2020 Wednesday 9am-5pm

31/12/2020 Thursday 9am-5pm

04/01/2021 Monday 8am-6pm

Please pass on the messages and relevant information. Most importantly, please continue the excellent work of encouraging people to stay safe and well while looking after friends, family and neighbours. The days start to get a little longer after Monday and with that comes the light of hope that we can see with the new vaccines.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy festive season. Let’s hope 2021 is a good year.

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Wendy Richards

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