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Crime Prevention for your horse

By Wendy Richards Stoke St Milborough Parish Council

Saturday, 23 May 2020


Stoke St Milborough Parish Council Contributor


Take a photograph of your horse from the front, rear, left and right handside both in the summer and the winter (horses look very different when they have their different coats, especially if clipped in the winter). Take additional pictures of any distinguishing marks, including face, legs, scars and brands.

Keep the photographs safe so if your horse is stolen the Police will have detailed pictures and you can also use them to produce posters, display on social media and distribute to Horse Watch groups and other organisations around the country. Freeze brand – this is a visible deterrent. A unique number is branded onto your horse either on his withers or shoulder which is permanent. A number of companies offer this scheme. Discounts on a sliding scale are also available if more than one horse is branded at the same time so it is worth considering getting together with friends or other people if you are on a yard. Some companies offer a discount on the horses insurance if they are freeze marked. Microchip – your vet will arrange this for you. Although not avisible deterrent, it allows anyone with a scanner to identify your horse.

Horses born after 2009 have to be microchipped by law. Post code branded onto hoof – visible deterrent. Branding irons are used to put a post code or other identifying mark into the horses horn of the hoof. This needs to be regularly re-done as the foot grows and is trimmed by the farrier. The law states that all horses must have a passport issued by an authorised authority. You must have your horses passport with you every time you transport your horse, even if it is only for a short distance and that it is up to date, including change of ownership, change of address, etc.

Keep a photocopy of your passport at home in a safe place in case you lose the original or if it is stolen so that you have all the relevant details to contact the society that issued it to you. Become a member of your local Horse Watch group so you are aware of incidents in your area and receive up to date crime prevention advice. Most groups operate free of charge and have security items to help you including gate signs showing you are a member of a horse watch scheme.

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