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Working together with Bransby Horses (August 2020)


Update November 2022

As the shed has been opened up for more than a year now. Activities are "up and running". We are still looking for new opportunities to suit the members' activities

One shed is a "working shed" for wood turning, wood working etc. and the other "clean one" for socialising/computer activities etc. Some work still has to be done, for example levelling the grounds between the sheds, perhaps some coverings etc. We "will develop further plans on the move.

It is time now to join and share our enthusiastic spirit.     

Preliminary opening times:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00 -13.00

Further opening times will follow soon.

                                   See you soon!


Latest Update 11-2022

The Sturton and district Shed Club has participated in several local markets in the neighbourhood and we hope to extend this to more venues next year.

We already sold a lot of items and also got some commissions from the public.

For further information see also the information in the section "Our Catalogue"

As this generated some substantial income for expansion, we hope this will also remain to continue our new "way to go"!!