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Agenda July 20

Meeting of the Sutton-at-Hone & Hawley Parish Council to be held on Thursday 16th July 2020 at 7.30pm. This will be a virtual meeting. Should any member of the public wish to join the meeting please email to be sent the link


The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented Government measures in response to the crisis (e.g. prohibitions on gatherings, social distancing, self-isolation and shielding of those deemed to be the most vulnerable) have meant that the requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person with all members present in one place cannot currently be met. The statutory requirements for meetings are mainly contained in the Local Government Act 1972 (“the 1972 Act”) and the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (“the 1960 Act”). 

In recognition of the difficulties of holding and attending meetings, the Government included s.78 in the Coronavirus Act 2020 and provided the Secretary of State with the power to make Regulations for the provision of holding alternative format meetings. 

 As such, this meeting will be held under terms agreed by Members being to conduct the Council business via internet link. 

Additionally the legislation allowed for the cancellation of the Annual Parish Council meeting and all current appointments continue until May 2021. 



Chairman’s statement regarding meeting protocol








               b)     UPDATES FOR THIS MEETING




3.            MANAGEMENT

a)            Accounts.    To approve the payment of the following accounts:


JRGGS                       Grounds Maintenance                                     £365.00

British Gas                  Pavilion elec                                                    £132.78


GSG                            Grounds maint/Interment                                 £1100.00


Streetlights                  New lantern                                                     £390.00

E.On                            Energy                                                             £407.95


Current Bank Balances:

  1. £874.30
  2. £1249.74
  3. £70972.16

Total balances             £73096.20



Having noted that the Internal Audit had been completed with no matters raised, to approve the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2020 


RECOMMENDATION: That the annual return is approved and arrangements made for delivery to the chair for signing and subsequent submission to the Audit Commission-Appendix A


b)            Minutes.       To approve as a correct record Minutes of the meeting held on 18th June 2020, a copy of which has been circulated.


c)            Matters arising from minutes not detailed on the agenda.


Solar Light on Barfield Green.                    Cost £1685 + VAT


RESOLUTION:       To install a solar light adjacent to the path at Barfield Green at a cost of £1685 +VAT


Access barrier on Barfield Green               Proposal to decrease access width by installing permanent posts to accommodate contractor vehicles


RESOLUTION:     To install width restriction posts at a cost of up to £150


HR sub committee. To ratify membership of this committee. To agree the status of this committee:


RESOLUTION:        The HR committee shall have delegated powers to deal with and make decision on all HR issues and to report on those decisions to full council. TORs to be agreed by the committee.


To receive 

d)         Questions from the public & press (10 mins maximum)


e)         Urgent agenda items


f)            Items for discussion


  1. KCC/Electric vehicle charging points.       To discuss the proposal to access a funding stream and to site & install an electric vehicle charging point.

RECOMMENDATION:  That the council register an initial interest


  1. NALC             New Model Code of Conduct. Response to be agreed-Appendix E

RECOMMENDATION: That the submission on behalf of this council is agreed and the Clerk to submit.  





Request received from the club to use the facility for training purposes over the summer. Review draft licence for agreement.


RESOLUTION: That the council agree the content of and agree to offer a licence to FC Sutton Dynamo for use of the Parsonage Lane facility during the summer months as detailed in the licence-Appendix B



Review proposal for interim works. Appendix C


Acknowledge and discuss proposal received from FC Sutton Dynamo for future use.-Appendix D


RESOLUTION: That the council agree the initial interim works of removing the existing bar structure & store, constructing a secure storage facility to be shared by CMHASD & the council and making good and redecorating the main hall. Cllr Burch to liaise with current users. 


g)             Items for information


h)             Parish Councillors Report


i)              Clerk’s Report


j)          Any other business


4.            PLANNING

As determined by the planning sub committee;


Concerns submitted regarding the size of combined signs..


Display of 2 No. non-illuminated free standing signs

160A Main Road

Sutton At Hone





Kathryn Gale


Clerk to the Parish Council