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Burial ground

The (open) burial ground in Sutton at Hone (surrounding St John the Baptist church) is owned and administered by this parish council. The area nearest the church, delineated by marking stones and raised ground, is still owned by the church but the ground maintenance is within the remit of this council.

The area is designated a Kent Wildlife Site and is home to a great many varied species of flora and fauna, some quite rare. The area is maintained under this classification and various areas are left wild or uncut to support the wildlife. 

We have recently taken into our care the last piece of remaining glebe land which is situated to the west of the existing burial ground. We have fenced off this land and a new hedge has been laid, courtesy of the North West Kent Countryside Project (NWKCP). The land itself has been sown with wildflower seed which we hope will add a new feature to the whole site. In time we hope to lay paths and install some seating so that it will form an area of quiet contemplation for all. 

Burials are reserved for residents of this parish or those who can demonstrate an immediate connection to the parish. The upkeep of the site is paid fro by the parish council tax paid by residents. If you wish to arrange a burial or interment of ashes please ask your funeral director to contact the office in the first instance so that an initial permission for the burial can be given.