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Chairman read out a statement regarding the possible recording of meetings.

            Cllr Maddison opened the meeting in the initial absence of Cllr Reynolds

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.               Cllr Rogers                 Holiday

Cllr Thurlow

Cllr Reynolds  arrived late due to DC board                   


The Clerk granted dispensation to members for discussion on the budget.     

    1. Accounts.                          It was proposed by Cllr.Bradley,

seconded by Cllr.Armstrong and agreed to approve matters related to finance as follows:


Mr D Beckley (DB Heating)  Boiler Service & Safety                     £200.00

GSG Services                         Grounds Maintenance                        £1590.00

Wrotham Computer                IT provision                                        £55.00

DBC                                        Business Rates                                    £2153.80

Appointment Bus                    Printer charges                                    £60.67


Veolia                                     Rubbish Removal (July/Aug)             £297.28

GSG Services                         Interment of Ashes                             £50.00


Streetlights                             Repairs                                                £738.00

EDF                                        St Ltg Energy (Aug & Sept)               £540.03

It was also agreed to pay the following not detailed on the agenda

            GSG Services                         Grounds Maintenance                        £1590.00

            GSG Services                         Interment of Ashes                             £50.00

            KCC                                        Village Gates                                      £1566.88

            Darent Valley Lands               Grounds Maintenance                        £230.00

            PKF Littlejohn                       Audit Fees                                          £480.00


  1. Minutes.    It was proposed by Cllr.Armstrong, seconded by Cllr.Bradley and agreed by all to approve as a correct record minutes of the meeting held on July 21st 2016
  2. Matters arising from Minutes.

Faraday’s Field           It was agreed to install a ‘No Horses’ warning sign and explore the possibility of withdrawing from the lease agreement.   

  1. Items discussed

Sports Pavilion & Rec Grounds.        There will be no team from Sutton Athletic playing this year. Sutton Dynamos need to improve disabled access to the pavilion-possibility of obtaining a grant from KCC member fund. They have also been donated a defibrillator for use at the pavilion and will discuss funding the installation of one with Hawley Pavilion Trust


Jubilee Field               Graffiti removed by handyman.


Hawley Pavilion         The updated lease was signed. Cllrs Maddison, Dabb & Arnold signed on behalf of the Hawley Pavilion Trust, the Clerk signed on behalf of the council.

Notification has been received of plans to extend the building. Members agreed in principle but had concerns over the design. It was agreed by all to delegate this matter to a working committee comprising Hawley members, Cllrs Arnold, Dabb & Maddison plus Cllr Armstrong & Cllr Reynolds.


KCC/KHS Consultation.        KCC member Cllr Kite was in attendance. Members expressed their views regarding the consultation in that it did not address local issues. They also voiced concern about the local traffic issues which are causing great difficulties to residents’ daily lives. Cllr Kite explained the issues regarding the problems at the Dartford crossing and how they impact on the town and surrounding villages. He detailed his proposal for a police unit at the tunnel to manage incidents which should be funded by proceeds from the crossing management company.

It was agreed to respond to the KCC consultation with additional comment that it does not address the rural areas.


Business Rates            The decision by DBC to re-assess and charge business rates on Parish Office was discussed. The Clerk had appealed the decision but the appeal was refused.


Burnthouse Lane         Proposal for use by scouts was discussed, agreed in principle but need to look at condition and whether work is needed before use.


Events Committee      It was proposed to form a committee to oversee all ‘events’ and members are Cllrs. Dabb, Armstrong, Arnold, Maddison


  1. Items for information       Minutes of village hall meeting


  1. Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Arnold updated members on the footpath/rights of way issue being coordinated by a Hawley resident. It was agreed that the office address could be used for correspondence


Cllr Armstrong had met with Diocesan land agent & contractor to review condition of trackway adjacent to office. Land off Arnolds lane is up for sale, suggestion that local farmers might manage the land. Resident reported hazardous waste being burnt on old allotment site-DBC informed


  1. Clerk’s Report      KCC/EIS have redesigned the parish website template which is proving difficult to use. Local clerks are in contact with EIS to resolve. TV company filming using drone accessing KGF to film the M25. HK&SD PC have installed a post on DR93 within this parish to prevent quad bike access to 100 year wood. Building erected on triangle of land at top of Frank’s Lane.


  1. Ward Member’s report


  1. Questions from the public & press


  1. Borough Matters




COU for florist to Chinese takeaway for 73 Main Road refused by DBC. Cllr Coleman has appealed the decision.


As determined by the planning sub committee;                                No objections:

Bacchante Dartford Road Sutton at Hone DA4 9HY

Erection of a single storey rear extension and a first floor side extension (revisions to previously approved planning permisison DA/16/00486/FUL in respect of changing design of roof of proposed rear extension from flat roof to pitched roof)


41 Cedar Drive Sutton at Hone Kent DA4 9EW

Erection of a three storey side extension and conversion of existing integral garage into habitable room to form additional 4 bedroom end of terrace property


19 Royal Road Hawley Kent DA2 7RD

Application to fell 1 No. tree (tree 1) and crown reduce by 1 metre 1 No. tree (tree 2) subject to Tree Preservation Order No.4 1994


8 Main Road Sutton at Hone Kent DA4 9HA

Erection of a detached double car port.


61 Main Road Sutton at Hone Kent DA4 9HQ

Erection of a rear conservatory



There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 9.30pm