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Minutes June 20



The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented Government measures in response to the crisis (e.g. prohibitions on gatherings, social distancing, self-isolation and shielding of those deemed to be the most vulnerable) have meant that the requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person with all members present in one place cannot currently be met. The statutory requirements for meetings are mainly contained in the Local Government Act 1972 (“the 1972 Act”) and the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (“the 1960 Act”). 

In recognition of the difficulties of holding and attending meetings, the Government included s.78 in the Coronavirus Act 2020 and provided the Secretary of State with the power to make Regulations for the provision of holding alternative format meetings. 

 As such, this meeting was held under terms agreed by Members being to conduct the Council business via internet link. 

Additionally the legislation allowed for the cancellation of the Annual Parish Council meeting and all current appointments continue until May 2021. 


1.APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.               Cllr O’Sullivan           assumed connection issues


Cllr Mark Maddison informed the meeting that he was no longer a member of the Labour Party

Cllr Harbud declared an interest in respect of agenda item relating to the sale of the parish office building

Cllr Newitt declared an interest in respect of the agenda item relating to FC Sutton Dynamo

The Clerk granted dispensation to members for discussion on the budget.         


a)Accounts.                          It was proposed by Cllr. Burch, 

seconded by Cllr. Mel Maddison and agreed to approve matters related to finance as follows:


JRGGS                       Grounds Maintenance                                     £555.00

GSG                            Grounds maintenance                                      £110.00

British Gas                  Pavilion-Elec                                                   £194.60*


GSG                            Grounds maintenance                                      £1050.00


E-on                            Streetlighting Energy                                      £421.55


b)Minutes.    It was proposed by Cllr.Burch, seconded by Cllr. Harbud and agreed by all to approve as a correct record minutes of the meeting held on March 19th 2020

c)Matters arising from Minutes.      

It was proposed that the resolution of 19th March 2020, ‘Resolution -Scheme of Delegation-Terms of Reference (S101 LGA 1972) It was agreed to delegate important and urgent decisions to the Clerk with input from 2 members-preferably Chair & Vice Chair, should either not be available others will be consulted in their place. All members to be kept informed of applicable issues’  continue in force until such time as the Council resolves otherwise.

All indicated their agreement


d)Questions from Public & Press                NONE

e)Urgent Agenda Items                                NONE

f)Items discussed

Frequency of meetings      Proposal by Chair to revert to holding formal council meetings every calendar month except August


Resolution:          Full council meetings will be held every calendar month except August

All indicated their agreement, therefore resolved


Finance Working Group   It was agreed to make available and upload financial information to the council website, within 6 months, as follows:

Forward budget by cost code (monthly)

Details of monthly payments

Annual Return

Notice of Conclusion of Audit


HR Sub Committee           It was agreed that Cllr Mark Maddison, Cllr Mel Maddison & Cllr Harbud form an HR sub committee. All to review policies for full council agreement at July meeting.

Pavilion proposals            Verbal progress reports received from the working party groups (Single User/Council managed/Trust managed) on the options for future use & works to the pavilion.

It was agreed that all reports will be submitted to be included for discussion at the September meeting.

Cllr Newitt left the meeting

FC Sutton Dynamo                       The matter of a rebate reflecting non use of the facility. Resolution            To agree a rebate of £1767.73 or other sum agreed 

The pro rata sum would be £1767.73. Members considered that ongoing running expenses should be considered and whether council should bear full brunt. Clerk to supply options for part rebate/part running costs for July meeting. 

Lease 20/21

FC Sutton Dynamos had submitted request to include the use of the pavilion in the 20/21 lease. Members considered that it was not possible due to the works needed to make it fit for use (H&S/Water etc).

Members agreed that the same lease content should be offered for 20/21 reflecting any change to lease fees and on receipt of season dates and team requirements from FC Sutton Dynamo. Clerk to prepare lease for ratification at July meeting assuming information received. 

Cllr Newitt rejoined the meeting

Community Engagement               Members gave updates on their community work. Cllr Murphy now has log in access to the Council Facebook page and is working with Cllr White on the content. Suggestions made for inclusion, such as Councillor bios, information about the local area, Countryside Code etc. 

Proposal to trial virtual councillor surgeries, Cllr White to work with Clerk to facilitate.

Clerk requested and it was agreed, that any information to be posted on social media regarding the work of the council/councillors be submitted to her for accuracy etc. 

Chapelfields Allotment site          Report from Cllr Burch was received. Chair informed members that although the formation of an Allotment Association had stalled, it was desirable in the long term and a way forward should be established. All in agreement.

g)Items for information

Government HSE/Risk assessment information available to allow opening of facilities when confirmed.

NALC       New Model Code of Conduct.            Consultation period until 17/08/20. It was agreed that the Chair will draft a response for consideration/amendment by other members, to form a response from this council to be ratified at the July meeting. Members encouraged to respond individually. 

h)Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Murphy reported on:

Damaged dog bins                  Clerk has reported by contractor still catching up during Covid-19

Off Road Bikes                       Clerk advised residents need to report to 101 (Kent Police)

Possibility of Solar Light on Barfield Green              Clerk to obtain quotes

Possibility of gate on Barfield Green to prevent incursion    Clerk to obtain quotes

i)Clerk’s Report       Undertaking review of streetlighting to inform future spending and investment

j)Other Business      Chair to distribute information regarding NALC Local Council award Scheme for consideration. 


Cllr Harbud left the meeting

Sale of parish office building              This matter was discussed in camera


As determined by the planning sub committee;                      No objections

Application to reduce by approx 2m to balance crown of 1 No. Beech tree subject to Tree Preservation Order No.4 1994

18 Royal Road




Conversion of existing garage into habitable room with associated alterations to front elevation

192 Shirehall Road





Erection of a first floor side extension and conversion of existing integral garage into habitable room

28 Pembroke Place

Sutton At Hone




Demolition of existing rear conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension

69 Water Mill Way

Sutton At Hone




Erection of a single storey side extension

46 Balmoral Road

Sutton At Hone




Demolition of existing detached garage and erection of a two storey side extension

42 Barton Road

Sutton At Hone




Erection of a single storey rear extension and provision of front square bays

1A Ash Road







There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 9.18pm