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MInutes Sept 19




1.APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.                                       NONE

2.DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST          Cllr Burch                   Planning

Cllr Newitt                  Pavilion/Dynamos

The Clerk granted dispensation to members for discussion on the budget.         


a)Accounts.                          It was proposed by Cllr.Arnold , 

seconded by Cllr. Burch and agreed to approve matters related to finance as follows:


GSG                                        Grounds Maintenance                                     £1755.00

Appt Bus Machines                Printer consumables                                        £18.94

ABR Heating                          Boiler service and gas safety cert                   £75.00

DBC                                        Business rates                                                 £1301.00


GSG                                        Interment of ashes                                          £50.00


E-On                                       St Ltg Energy                                                  £422.24

b)Minutes.    It was proposed by Cllr.Arnold, seconded by Cllr.Mrs Maddison and agreed by all to approve as a correct record minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2019

c)Matters arising from Minutes.      Cllr Mr Maddison to draw up ToR for the Finance & Governance sub committee. Clerk to cover Chapelfields allotments right of way at this meeting.

d)Questions from Public & Press                NONE

e)Urgent Agenda Items                                NONE

f)Items discussed

Sale of Office building-update.          Clerk updated on the sale to the second buyer which is being progressed. 

Joint Transportation Board rep           Voting on two candidates took place, Cllr Seymour is the preferred candidate, unanimously

Chaplin’s land             Chair gave a report from meeting held with local landowners Chaplins regarding developing land (old rhubarb field) in the village. Members discussed options for a way forward. It was agreed to refer back to Chaplins for some guarantees about inclusion of benefits to the residents/area before asking DBC to assess viability.

Land adj 76 Balmoral Road                Future plans and maintenance. It was agreed to clear the overgrowth which is fouling a resident’s boundary fence. When funding allows, the proposal is to lay the area to grass to be maintained with Jubilee Field. 

Parsonage Lane Pavilion         Following a request from FC Sutton Dynamos, the following was agreed. 

Resolution: To allow FC Sutton Dynamos to use the pavilion kitchen and main area for food and drink supply for a trial period. Times and conditions determined and incorporated in a lease addendum. 

The Clerk stressed security issues regarding council property. 

Hawley Pavilion-        Extension plans update. Chair gave confirmation that building works for the extension without outside toilet facility are going ahead. 

g)Items for information

Items tabled:                DRiPS newsletter 

h)Parish Councillors Report

Cllr Arnold reported on a meeting with the Chapelfields Allotment Association chair to discuss their plans which include better water access-they will advise the clerk of their suggestions. Clerk to work to simplify rules and regs. 2 new tenants

Cllr Mrs Maddison     reported on discussions with the proprietor of the Community Café who proposes starting a community *gardening group. Reminded members of the need to offer a council surgery, Chair agreed to draw up a rota starting 05/10/19

Cllr Newitt offered to donate equipment for the *gardening group. Informed members of volunteers needed for the school firework display 2pm onwards 07/11/19

Cllr Burch reported on the meeting with the PCC regarding the siting of the new office unit in the burial ground. Positive outcome, no queries. They were keen to host a Xmas event at Sutton Court, dates to be proposed by PCC.

Cllr O’Sullivan raised an issue regarding data protection involving the allotment association. Clerk confirmed that the data involved did not constitute a breach of council GDPR.

Cllr Murphy informed members that the play equipment in Jubilee Field had a slight defect, Clerk has requested handyman to repair. 

i)Clerk’s Report       

GDPR update              Written information regarding personal emails and devices distributed. Clerk urged members to set up their council emails provided.

Chapelfields allotments           Issue regarding right of way to rear of Ship Lane properties being investigated.

j)Other Business                  Cllr Murphy requested set up info for her council email


As determined by the planning sub committee;                No objections

Erection of a part two/part single storey side extension and provision of a driveway

2 Alfred Road​




Change of use and conversion of existing barn to provide a single residential 3 bed dwelling, with amenity space, parking and landscaping

Northview Nursery

Clement Street​



Erection of a detached outbuilding/garden room

186 Shirehall Road​



Provision of a vehicle crossing onto A225 and excavation of front garden to create parking area

242 Main Road

Sutton At Hone



Appeal lodged:

Conversion of existing unauthorised building to a 2 bed dwelling and addition of a rear dormer

Willow Court 31B Devon Road Sutton At Hone Kent

Submit to Inspectorate:    Backyard development, building on a flood risk site, breach of privacy for neighbouring properties. 


The council then went ‘in camera’ to discuss a matter.


There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 9.30pm