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10th July 2019

1. Agenda 10th July.pdf 1.-Agenda-10th-July.pdf 204.5 KB 01. Interim Report - Town Council meeting - 10th July 2019.doc 01.-Interim-Report---Town-Council-meeting---10th-July-2019.doc 98.5 KB 5.1 Minutes - Town Council meeting - 10th July 2019.doc 5.1-Minutes---Town-Council-meeting---10th-July-2019.doc 287 KB 6.1a Highway Meeting Notes.pdf 6.1a-Highway-Meeting-Notes.pdf 114.7 KB 7.1 Accounts for July.pdf 7.1-Accounts-for-July.pdf 187.5 KB 7.2 TWA Digitisation Grant.pdf 7.2-TWA-Digitisation-Grant.pdf 27.1 KB 8.1a CAN Annual General Meeting.pdf 8.1a-CAN-Annual-General-Meeting.pdf 108.5 KB 8.1b Protocol for marking the death of a senior nation figure.pdf 8.1b-Protocol-for-marking-the-death-of-a-senior-nation-figure.pdf 354.6 KB 8.1c Emails -Mr Ormerod & PRW issues.pdf 8.1c-Emails--Mr-Ormerod-&-PRW-issues.pdf 1.2 MB 8.1d Emails - Footpath Warden.pdf 8.1d-Emails---Footpath-Warden.pdf 45.5 KB 8.1e Petition re Abel Homes Development - Copy.pdf 8.1e-Petition-re-Abel-Homes-Development---Copy.pdf 74.3 KB 8.2 a Emails - Days Field.pdf 8.2-a-Emails---Days-Field.pdf 673.4 KB 8.2 b Emails - Tesco Millngate Sec106 agreement.pdf 8.2-b-Emails---Tesco-Millngate-Sec106-agreement.pdf 459.7 KB 8.3a Cutting Schedule for PROW in Swaffham.pdf 8.3a-Cutting-Schedule-for-PROW-in-Swaffham.pdf 258.5 KB 8.3b Parish Partnership Scheme 2020-21.pdf 8.3b-Parish-Partnership-Scheme-2020-21.pdf 203.9 KB 8.3c NCC Temp Traffic Order.pdf 8.3c-NCC-Temp-Traffic-Order.pdf 327.3 KB 8.3d NCC Inspection of road side trees.pdf 8.3d-NCC-Inspection-of-road-side-trees.pdf 60.2 KB 9 List Of Correspondence.pdf 9-List-Of-Correspondence.pdf 40.3 KB