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Swaffham Town Council

13th March 2019

1. Agenda 13th March 2019.pdf 1.-Agenda-13th-March-2019.pdf 230.5 KB 0.1 STC Interim Report.pdf 0.1-STC-Interim-Report.pdf 295.5 KB 5.1 Minutes - Town Council meeting - 13th March 2019.doc 5.1-Minutes---Town-Council-meeting---13th-March-2019.doc 215.5 KB 6.1a Highways Engineer meeting.pdf 6.1a-Highways-Engineer-meeting.pdf 164.6 KB 6.1b1 Info from Practitionres Conference.pdf 6.1b1-Info-from-Practitionres-Conference.pdf 295.5 KB 7.1 Accounts for March 2019.pdf 7.1-Accounts-for-March-2019.pdf 182.5 KB 7.2 Pocket Parks Plus.pdf 7.2-Pocket-Parks-Plus.pdf 540.6 KB 7.3c Gypsy & Traveller Policy & Procedure.pdf 7.3c-Gypsy-&-Traveller-Policy-&-Procedure.pdf 128 KB 7.4 Tendering for utility suppliers.pdf 7.4-Tendering-for-utility-suppliers.pdf 139.3 KB 8.1 1c Freedom of Infomation request- R Horn.pdf 8.1-1c-Freedom-of-Infomation-request--R-Horn.pdf 89.4 KB 8.1 a Freedom of Information request-K Alford.pdf 8.1-a-Freedom-of-Information-request-K-Alford.pdf 64.9 KB 8.1b Request for release of minutes.pdf 8.1b-Request-for-release-of-minutes.pdf 87.5 KB 8.1d Freedom of Information request- S Sole.pdf 8.1d-Freedom-of-Information-request--S-Sole.pdf 323.8 KB 8.1e Correspondence re dog walkers.pdf 8.1e-Correspondence-re-dog-walkers.pdf 113.8 KB 8.1f Road naming suggestions.pdf 8.1f-Road-naming-suggestions.pdf 118.6 KB 8.2 a Correspondence re Leisure Feasibility Study.pdf 8.2-a-Correspondence-re-Leisure-Feasibility-Study.pdf 148.3 KB 8.2b Correspondence re Purdah.pdf 8.2b-Correspondence-re-Purdah.pdf 671.8 KB 8.2c Tesco Section 106 contribution.pdf 8.2c-Tesco-Section-106-contribution.pdf 92.2 KB 8.3a Network Improvement Strategy report.pdf 8.3a-Network-Improvement-Strategy-report.pdf 557.3 KB 8.3b 20 mph zone traffic regulation order.pdf 8.3b-20-mph-zone-traffic-regulation-order.pdf 334.5 KB 8.3c School Organisation in Swaffham.pdf 8.3c-School-Organisation-in-Swaffham.pdf 328 KB 8.3d Correspondence re Traffic and Access Group.pdf 8.3d-Correspondence-re-Traffic-and-Access-Group.pdf 394.6 KB 8.3e Correspondence re Through Traffic assesment.pdf 8.3e-Correspondence-re-Through-Traffic-assesment.pdf 2.6 MB 9 Yellow Correspondence.pdf 9-Yellow-Correspondence.pdf 56.5 KB 10.2a Correspondence Neighbourhood Plan -R Leggett.pdf 10.2a-Correspondence-Neighbourhood-Plan--R-Leggett.pdf 468.7 KB