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13th November 2019

1. Agenda Wednesday 13th November.pdf 1.-Agenda-Wednesday-13th-November.pdf 194.7 KB 2. Minutes Wednesday 9th October 2019.pdf 2.-Minutes-Wednesday-9th-October-2019.pdf 790.1 KB 4.1 Market Towns Initiative..pdf 4.1-Market-Towns-Initiative..pdf 51 KB 4.2 Plans to celebrate the centerary in 2020, Howard Carter..pdf 4.2-Plans-to-celebrate-the-centerary-in-2020,-Howard-Carter..pdf 503.5 KB 7. APPENDIX 1 - November Payments.xls 7.--APPENDIX-1---November-Payments.xls 58 KB 7.3 Norfolk Citizens Advice request..pdf 7.3-Norfolk-Citizens-Advice-request..pdf 118.1 KB 8.1a Proposal -Howard Carter statue.pdf 8.1a-Proposal--Howard-Carter-statue.pdf 200.8 KB 8.1b Path Survey request.pdf 8.1b-Path-Survey-request.pdf 28.8 KB 8.1c Churches Together Festival of Carols.pdf 8.1c-Churches-Together-Festival-of-Carols.pdf 34.2 KB 8.1d Local Electricity Bill.pdf 8.1d-Local-Electricity-Bill.pdf 92 KB 8.1e NALC -AGM.pdf 8.1e-NALC--AGM.pdf 115.6 KB 8.1f Voluntery Foorpath Warden communications.pdf 8.1f-Voluntery-Foorpath-Warden-communications.pdf 317.4 KB 8.1g Request - Swaffham new coat of arms.pdf 8.1g-Request---Swaffham-new-coat-of-arms.pdf 322.2 KB 8.2a Parish Precept requirement.pdf 8.2a-Parish-Precept-requirement.pdf 399.6 KB 8.2b Swaffham High Streets Heritage Action Zone.pdf 8.2b-Swaffham-High-Streets-Heritage-Action-Zone.pdf 391.3 KB 8.3a Draft - Norfolk Fire & Rescue Services.pdf 8.3a-Draft---Norfolk-Fire-&-Rescue-Services.pdf 129.1 KB 8.3b Road Closures for 2020 VE & VJ street parties.pdf 8.3b-Road-Closures-for-2020-VE-&-VJ-street-parties.pdf 82.6 KB 8.3c NCC Streetlighting - Persimmon Homes.pdf 8.3c-NCC-Streetlighting---Persimmon-Homes.pdf 343.5 KB 9. APPENDIX 2 - November Yellow Correspondence - Copy.doc 9.-APPENDIX-2---November-Yellow-Correspondence---Copy.doc 68.5 KB