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19th February 2020

1. Agenda Town Council 19th February 2020.pdf 1.-Agenda-Town-Council-19th-February-2020.pdf 177.1 KB 2. Minutes - Town Council meeting - 19th February 2020.doc 2.-Minutes---Town-Council-meeting---19th-February--2020.doc 201 KB 7.1 APPENDIX 1 February 2020 Payments.xls 7.1-APPENDIX-1--February-2020-Payments.xls 61.5 KB 7.2 Grant request from Swaffham Cricket Club.pdf 7.2-Grant-request-from-Swaffham-Cricket-Club.pdf 73.9 KB 7.3 Invoice Parish Election 2nd May 2019.pdf 7.3-Invoice-Parish-Election-2nd-May-2019.pdf 60.1 KB 7.4 Grant request Priscilla Bacon Hospice.pdf 7.4-Grant-request-Priscilla-Bacon-Hospice.pdf 77.6 KB 8.1a Vehicular access to the Oaklands playing field..pdf 8.1a-Vehicular-access-to-the-Oaklands-playing-field..pdf 102.1 KB 8.1b Great British Spring Clean.pdf 8.1b-Great-British-Spring-Clean.pdf 163.3 KB 8.1c SLCC WCAG website complience.pdf 8.1c-SLCC---WCAG-website-complience.pdf 311.9 KB 8.1d NALC Wellbeing Initiative..pdf 8.1d-NALC-Wellbeing-Initiative..pdf 238.9 KB 8.1e Ducks in the Town Centre issues.pdf 8.1e--Ducks-in-the-Town-Centre-issues.pdf 138.5 KB 8.2a Gadget Savvy Market Place Event.pdf 8.2a-Gadget-Savvy-Market-Place-Event.pdf 549.1 KB 8.2b Update Swaffham Highstreet Heritage Action Zone..pdf 8.2b-Update-Swaffham-Highstreet-Heritage-Action-Zone..pdf 140.7 KB 8.3a Boundary Commission Consultation.pdf 8.3a-Boundary-Commission-Consultation.pdf 222.3 KB 9.0 APPENDIX 2 February 2020 Yellow Correspondence.doc 9.0-APPENDIX-2---February-2020-Yellow-Correspondence.doc 83.5 KB 10.1a Greener & Cleaner Project.pdf 10.1a-Greener-&-Cleaner-Project.pdf 123.8 KB Final Report.pdf Final-Report.pdf 220.2 KB